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Color Dragon Warrior Monsters Gameboy Color Cheat Codes

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    Dragon Warrior Monsters

    Good Monsters
    This is a code for ultimate power over all. Yes, you do need an attacker healer and spellcaster, here's an awesome team for this: a grizzly with +10 a skydragon will heal and spellcast as well as attack. IT MUST KNOW HEALUSALL, HEALALL, AND REVIVE. Then you may take whatever other monster you like, but just to let you know the grizzly and skydragon kick ass.
    Cheat Submitted By: Da-bomb -
    How to get Blizzardy
    Beat E class and then go talk with master Teto (who will be outside of the arena). He will offer for you to breed with his Iceman. Say Yes and give him a monster from the bird family. ( This is automatically the pedigree )

    Free Monsters and Breeding
    After beating May, the last master in the A Class, talk to her in the tavern behind the arena. { The one with the bartender and master sleeping there} She will give you a Stoneman named Pete, who has Farewell, Ahhh, and another attack. Also after E class, talk to Mick in the Queen's room. You get there by beating Goopi five times in a row. Keeping talking to him over and over, and then he might let you breed with his Lizardman. Talk to Teto in the next room of the arena. He will breed with you an Iceman.

    Key to the Labyrinth
    When in the Labyrinth go up, up, up, left, down, down, and then left. You will meet DarkHorn, the monster master for that level. The treasure box and the Warbou doll are fake, forget about trying to get them, it is impossible.

    Get Orchie
    To get orchie simpley breed a monster from the dragon family with a draco lord with the dragon as the pedigree.

    Get a Landowl
    To get a landowl breed a bullbird with a monster from the beast family. Make sure the bullbird is the pedigree

    Secret Gates
    In the Well, give the scientist a monster that knows a lightning attack.
    In the Bazaar, give the guys in the lower-right corner of the Bazaar a monster that knows a fire attack.
    After beating BattleRex, go to the right of the Shrine of the Starry Night, then beat the Goopi 5 times in a row.
    After beating BattleRex, there will be a Traveler's Gate in the upper-right corner of the Monster Farm.
    When you get your ZapBird from the MetalMan, talk the the Metally, then he will give you a traveler's gate.
    In the Library, you must of had at least 100 monsters, then talk to one of the assistants, and she will open up a room for you
    After beating the Starry Night Tournament, go right and left from the Egg Blesser, then beat the Goopi 5 times in a row
    After beating the Starry Night Tournament, go to the Baazar near the other hidden gate, then show the guys a monster that knows "Yell"
    After beating the Starry Night Tournament, go to the room with the guy that won't let you go to his traveler's gate. Read the bookshelf with the journal in it. Then talk the little girl, she will talk to her grandfather. After showing the grandfather a goldslime, he will let you use the gate.

    How to get Gophecada
    To get Gophecada go to the breeding and hatching center and breed a Madcat and a Giantslug together and you will get a Gophecada egg. When he asks you if you want to hatch the egg for a specific amount of money say yes.

    Get monster's best skills plus breeding tips
    To bring out a monsters best skills you should...

    1. Capture 2 monsters that have never been breed,and have the skills you want. Preferably a male and female which you will breed when they get the right skills.

    2. Bring those monsters with you on your journy to a travelers gate with stronger monsters in it. Also bring lots of lovewaters, meat treats, and anything else that's usefull(like warpwings and warpstaffs.)

    3. Prolong battles with 2 to 3 monsters in it and give meat treats to the monsters you want to level up and learn skills.

    4. When the monsters get the skills you want them to learn (you might have to get them to their max level)breed them.You'll have to get the new monster up to the right level so it'll have the skills you wanted.

    5. Remember,a monster can't learn a skill its parents did not. If 2 monsters are breed and only learn heal, than the baby can only learn heal.

    Get the Dragonlord from the original Dragon Warrior
    You must breed together a Servant and Great Drak, with Servant being the pedigree.

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