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Color Spider-Man Gameboy Color Cheat Codes

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    Stronger Passwords
    Go to the "Continue" screen and enter in one of these codes:

    Venom Defeated(2nd time) - 475L
    Hobgoblin Defeated - 6QSP
    Lab - X--8L
    Last Level - 58---

    Beat The Bosses
    When beating the bosses, these nifty strategies save you lives (but i cant guarantee they'll save you time) If you don't like wasting time, just use my password cheats.

    Venom(QVCLF) : Hit him with webbing, then run up and hit him 5 times and run in the opposite direction. Repeat until beaten, and do not try to punch him with no webbing.

    Lizard(70QBF): DO NOT let him get on the ceiling and throw out that alligator. Hit him with webbing and hit him as many times as you can, and if he's about to jump hit him with webbing again and do the same thing, but don't run away and don't get on the ceiling.

    Venom (-475L): This time, you'll need super webbing (and you'll have it if you used my cheat codes). Just hit him over and over with the webbing until he's knocked out. This could take a while if you don't have a high attack rating. If you're wondering where the super webbing is, it's at the very top of the building where Venom is. Just swing there from the construction site in the middle of the docks.

    Hobgoblin(-6QSP): This is the most annoying boss, IF you don't have the right materials and taunting finesse. First, you'll need the web sheild( if you used my cheats you'll have it). Stay to the left of the screen, at the wall. Whenever he comes from behind you, jump up and shoot your webbing. He'll come back for a kamicaze
    strike, so crouch down and use your web sheild when you see him. Just keep repeating this, and he'll be off that glider in no time. "NOTE" DO NOT get on the ceiling. All the early bosses have a special attack in that area. The Hobgoblin shoots a rifle at you.

    Venom:This is your last faceoff with this lug. Just keep hitting him with webbing,and do not even attempt to punch him. He's weaker in defense now, so he'll go out quickly.

    Doctor Octopus(58---): Doc Oc isn't exactly a picnic- he has a special attack in all areas: ceiling, ground, and wall. There are two methods to defeating him: the first one is the same as Venom. Just keep hitting him with webbing, but DO NOT let him get off the ground. The second method is to get right above him and keep hitting him with webbing. This ensures that you get 2 hits every time he blocks your shots. If you're quick enough with shooting, you can avoid his umm... well, tentacles, and you'll save a life for yourself.

    Carnage(58---): This is the exact opposite of Doc Oc. This is the quickest boss to beat. Just get up on the ceiling, and keep shooting webbing at him (and avoid those nasty spikes.)Since he has no blocking method, every hit counts against him! "NOTE"- DO NOT get on the floor. He'll slice you like a pepperoni with that ax hand.

    Dr. Carnage(58---): This big lummox has no formal name, but since everything that applies with Doc Oc and Carnage applies to him, I mixed names. Make sure he never gets off the ground, and make sure you don't either. Wait for him to walk over you, then turn around as fast as you can and hit his back .Then, keep shooting, and make sure he NEVER GETS OFF THE GROUND!!!! This will take about 5 minutes to do, and I got a blister trying to shoot so fast. But when you beat him, say hi to Bruce for me and remember that the CheatingDome told ya first !

    Secret Items and Level
    Life Refillers
    1 in second white windowed building
    1 in secret room on subway roof
    1 on top of last building in the docks
    1 in secret passage in the lab
    1 in secret passage in the sewers

    Super web on top of last building in the docks
    Web Shield in secret room in sewers

    Defense Raisers
    2 in secret room in sewers
    1 in farthest point right in city (swing from Connor's Lab)
    ATTACK raisers: 1 in lab
    2 in secret rooms in sewers

    The secret level is only found at night. Go to the daily bugle after you see the docks (DO NOT defeat Venom at the docks) and go to the farthest point on the left. Jump over the white barrier and there will be a pipe. Use the drop down method and have fun

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