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Groove Adventure Rave- Fighting Live GameCube Cheat Codes

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    Groove Adventure Rave: Fighting Live

    Unlock Secret Characters
    Here's a list of how to unlock the following secret characters for Free Mode and V.S. Mode.

    To unlock Aniki, beat Story Mode using Musica.

    To unlock Gale, beat Story Mode with Shuda.

    To unlock Poosya, beat Story Mode using Elie.

    To unlock King, beat Story Mode using Haru.

    To unlock Sieghart, beat Story Mode with Go

    Beat Story Mode
    Beat Story Mode using all 5 of the default characters to unlock Story Edit Mode, which allows you to write and save your own Story.

    Unlock Character Gallery
    Just successfully complete story or free modes with various characters to unlock their entry in the graphics gallery.

    Unlock Announcer Voices
    Beat Free Mode in 1 V.S. 2 mode with any character to unlock that character's voice as the announcer. To turn their voice on (as opposed to the default announcer), go to EX Options and Omake 1, where you can change the announcer's voice.

    Unlock Outlaw to Play
    First, beat Story mode with everyone (5 characters) to unlock V.S. 2 enemies at once in Free Mode. Then select Aniki in free mode, set it to 1 on 2, and put it on hard. Once you beat it, ''Outlaw'' will become a playable character.

    Unlock the Beast King
    Go to story mode, select Haru, and put it on Hard. Beat it without continuing, and after round 7, King will transform in a Beast. You'll team up with Gale to fight this new enemy. Beat him, and you'll unlock this second form of King, who is, incidentally, the cheapest character in the game. Beast King's A and B attacks are super-powerful, but he can't grab any orbs / weapons.

    Unlock 3 in 1 Mode
    Once you've unlocked the Outlaw and King's Beast Form as playable characters, you'll be able to go to Free Mode and set it to 3 on 1 (you'll have to fight 3 opponents at once!).

    New Costumes
    Once you've unlocked 3 on 1 in Free Mode, put it on Hard, and beat it as either Haru, Elie, or Musica. Each time, you will unlock 2 new pieces of art in EX Options mode (one CGI, one character artwork). Then go to either Story Mode, Free Mode, or Versus Mode. When selecting your character, hold down L AND R, and keep them held down until the round begins, this will make them use their second costume (you must beat it once with each of these 3 characters to unlock each of their extra costumes). Haru will be in a Plue costume, Elie will be in a schoolgirls outfit, and Musica will be shirtless with Red Hair.

    Unlock Reina
    At the title screen where it says ''PRESS START BUTTON'', press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, B, A. If done correctly, you will hear a voice and Reina will be playable in Free and Vs. modes.

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Secret Levels
On the character select screen go to Sonia and hold ^
then press START. The screen will shake, then choose the character you wish to fight against.
Change To Motarro
On the character select screen go to the box of the character you wish to battle with and push and hold <, >C, and ^C. Don't let go until you see your character turn into MOTARRO. Note: This code only works if you are fighting in the stage called WASTE LAND or JADE'SDESSERT.

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