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NCAA Football 2003 GameCube Cheat Codes

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    NCAA Football 2003

    Win Rivalry Trophies
    These trophies are earned by winning the corresponding rivalry games:

    Paul Bunyan's Axe: Minnesota vs. Wisconsin
    Stanford Axe: Cal vs. Stanford
    Apple Cup: Washington vs. Washington St.
    Commonwealth Cup: Virginia vs. Virginia Tech
    Golden Boot: Arkansas vs. LSU
    Golden Egg Trophy: Mississippi St. vs. Ole Miss
    Old Oaken Bucket: Indiana vs. Purdue
    Victory Bell: UCLA vs. USC
    Little Brown Jug: Michigan vs. Minnesota
    Megaphone: Michigan St. vs. Notre Dame
    Administaff Bayou Bucket: Houston vs. Rice
    Marching Drum: Kansas vs. Missouri
    Old Brass Spittoon: Indiana vs. Michigan St.
    Territorrial Cup: Arizona vs. Arizona State
    Silver Spade: New Mexico vs. New Mexico St.
    Cy-Hawk Trophy: Iowa vs. Iowa St.
    Sweet Sioux Tomahawk: Illinois vs. Northwestern
    Ireland Trophy: Boston College vs. Notre Dame
    Golden Hat: Oklahoma vs. Texas
    Jeweled Shillelagh: Notre Dame vs. USC
    Victory Bell: Cincinatti vs. Miami (OH)
    Black Diamond Trophy: Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia

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