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Pikmin GameCube Cheat Codes

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    Challenge Mode
    Once you have saved your progress once, a new option will be available from the main menu: Challenge Mode. This mode lets you go back and compete in the areas that you have already opend up in the main game. The idea is not to find spaceship pieces, but rather to build as big a Pikmin army as you can before the sun sets. The biggest army scores are saved and entered into a ranking.

    Get More Pikmin
    Pay close attention to the color of the pellets when you have the Pikmin carry them to their "Onions." The destination Pikmin carry objects to depends on the make-up of the carrying crew. If more red Pikmin carry a pellet than blue Pikmin, they will bring it to the red hive. This fact along with the color of the pellets presents an important strategic element. A red pellet carried to the red Onion yields more new Pikmin than the same pellet brought to the yellow hive, for example. Matching the colors to the correct hives is especially important in Challenge Mode, where you're trying to get as many Pikmin as possible. Remember that you can always stop your Pikmin before they get to a hive and make last minute changes to change their destination.

    See the Fireworks
    You're the master of the Pikmin, so abuse your authority! Press down on the D-pad to round of four Pikmin to carry you back to base camp. A brief fireworks display will be held in your honor. Standing idle long enough will produce the same royal treatment.
    Invincible Captain Olimar
    Press Down and Captain Olimar will lay down. He cannot be harmed in this position.

    Captain Olimar's attack
    If you have a small number of Pikmin and they die, you can still attack the enemy. Press A as if you were going to throwing a Pikmin. Instead, Captain Olimar will punch the enemy for minor damage. Note: This does not work on enemies such as the Armored Cannon Beetle and Beady Long Legs.

    Get various colored Pikmin
    You can get the Red Pikmin when you start the game (Impact Site). You can get Yellow Pikmin when you get to the next area (Forest Of Hope). You can get the Blue Pikmin in the third area (Forest Navel).

    Blue Pikmin
    Blue Pikmin are amphibious. They can be on both land and water. They also can serve as lifeguards for drowning Pikmin (Red or Yellow).

    Purple Pikmin
    If the Puffstool in the Forest Naval spores your Pikmin, they will become Purple and sprout a mushroom on their heads. They will run around, attacking you and nearby Pikmin. If you are out of it range it will be near the Puffstool. Note: The spores only last for awhile.

    Flower Pikmin
    When Flower Pikmin die, they leave a seed behind. It will sprout into a Leaf Pikmin the next day.

    Faster Pikmin
    If you have a single Pikmin that is slow, hold A. You will pick up your Pikmin and can run at the same speed you move without the Pikmin in your hands.

    Keeping Pikmin safe
    When your Pikmin are carrying things to the ship or Onion and get attacked, lay in front of the monster until they are safe. When collecting part number 1, your Pikmin can get caught in the engine and die. To keep them safe, throw your Pikmin on top of the part. Note: This does not work all the time.

    At sunset any Pikmin not in their Onions will be eaten. However, if there are Pikmin in the landing zone or with Captain Olimar they will go to their Onions. Pikmin with Captain Olimar will be dismissed before he heads into his rocket.

    Start with 24 flower Pikmin
    At the start of the first day at the Impact Site, notice that you will have no time at the top. Feel free to get all the Pikmin you can into the Onion and then just wait, or run Omar around and practice moves. Because there is no time limit, wait until all your Pikmin grow to the flower stage. This gives you 24 free flower Pikmin to start the game.

    Get three parts in one day
    You need to go to the Forest Navel for the first time for this trick to work. To start the day, get the Blue Pikmin, then knock some of the flowers with the pellets down. Wait for the stealing bug to appear and let it grab the pellet. Then, shoot two Blue Pikmin and let them drag the pellet back to the Onion so that the bug gets injured. Repeat this until it dies. Next, get 15 Blue Pikmin to take it to the ship. Then, get 15 to 20 Red Pikmin and have them build the stick leading to the gear. After they are done, they should automatically grab the part. Wait until they fall down. If they are short, refill and put the rest back into the Onion. Next, get more Red Pikmin and kill the fire shooting things and take 30 Yellow Pikmin to build the bridge. When they are done, have them grab the part and have the Red Pikmin protect the Yellow Pikmin.

    When you are trying to blow up walls with your Yellow Pikmin and have bombs remaining after the task is completed, keep them. They are very useful for killing enemies. Keep the Pikmin with the bombs away from the group. If a bomb explodes, your entire group may die. To use the Pikmin with the leftover bombs, simply throw them at the target and call them back. This will either injure or kill the enemy. If the enemy is not dead just call your group and finish it off.

    Learning about enemies
    Start a new day, then take out a few Pikmin. Take them directly to the enemy, and start fighting. If you encounter anything on your way to the enemy, this trick will not work. As soon as you start the fight, pause game play and select "Go to Sunset." If there is nothing else special about this day, Olimar's log entry will describe the enemy. After the log entry, at the title screen, choose "Don't Save" and then "Continue From Last Save" to avoid wasting a day. This does not always work, for example if this day was also your first day in a new area, you discovered a new color of Pikmin, or something similar.

    Advanced throwing technique
    This trick is very helpful in fighting Pearly Clamclamps and Emperor Bulblax. If you want to throw Pikmin very rapidly, to do a lot of damage, press A rapidly while also using the C-stick to make the Pikmin swarm around Olimar. There will always be a Pikmin handy for Olimar to throw every time you press A.

    Winning battles
    If you are in a battle and 50% of your Flower Pikmin die, run away and make your Pikmin feel alone. Then, take three Leaf Pikmin and put them in front of your enemy. Get the rest of your group and watch them die. Then, continue and your Flower Pikmin will most likely win. After throwing Pikmin at an enemy, simply "C-rush" with the rest of your Pikmin to finish it off. Most of the monsters have a small amount of life. Therefore, you can defeat them with Captain Olimar. Although some have more life, it just will take more time to defeat them. To do this, hit them, go to the back of the creature, hit them again, go to the front, and repeat.

    Save Pikmin from drowning
    Repeatedly blow your whistle at Pikmin to drag them up onto land. To keep your Red or Yellow Pikmin from drowning, have Blue Pikmin by the border. Do not have them selected. If a Red or Yellow Pikmin falls in the water near your Blue Pikmin, they will go to the Pikmin and throw them on land. If your Yellow or Red Pikmin are drowning, quickly grab your Blue Pikmin and bring them into the water. Ungroup them and they will automatically toss the other Pikmin to safety. Note: You need to be near a ledge or the shore in order for this to work. If any of your Pikmin are drowning, quickly throw Blue Pikmin in the water near the distressed Pikmin. They will automatically throw them back onto land.

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