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Smugglers Run 2- Warzones GameCube Cheat Codes

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    Smuggler's Run 2: Warzones

    Bonus FMV Movie: Cheat Code
    To view a bonus FMV video, simply come in 1st place in all 25 races under the Checkpoint Races menu. (The E. Europe & N. America races can only be played when 1-on-1, 3 or 4 players is selected).
    After placing 1st in all 25 races, go to the Extras->Movie Theater menu & you will see a movie called ''SR News.''

    Bonus Missions:
    To unlock the bonus missions for a level, find all three hidden tokens in it. These bonus missions are accessible via the ''EXTRAS'' option on the main menu. You must unlock the bonus missions in order of the game's levels to be able to play them.

    Glass Car Code:
    This code makes your car infinitely look like it's cloaked. (note, the 'glass car')(You are not actually cloaked. The computer still sees you, but you don't show up on your radar.) The code is:
    D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, D-Pad Left, D-Pad Right, Z, Z, R

    To unlock the hoverbike, get a ''GREAT'' rating on all smuggler's missions.
    Source: Manual

    Infinite counter measures:
    Pause the game and hit the following buttons,
    Y Y Y X X Z Z

    No Gravity:
    Pause the game and press:
    X, Z, X, Z, Up, Up, Up.
    Source: Games Master

    Secret Level:
    To get the secret level: ''North America'' You must find all of the secret tokens in JOYRIDIN' mode. These tokens are small, and look like the circuit chips used for pickups, except on each side is the logo of one of the companies that made the game.
    Russia: On the roof of your central base. (Brown Building surrounded by hills.) Jump off of one of the hills w/ a speed or vertical boost.

    Vietnam: On the lava on the OUTSIDE of the volcano, you either need the hoverbike or the baja truck and unlimited vertical boosts to get TO the volcano however. (Jump before you get in above your wheels, then when you hit the sea floor, use another vert. boost.)

    Russian Winter: The burnt-out village has lots of smoking craters right? In one of the craters near the edge there's a token. (Sorry, hard to be specific w/ no landmarks to use.)

    Europe: On top of one of the buildings in industrial city, jump off a ramp onto a building
    then rev up and speed boost off the ramp to snag the 4th token!

    Unlockable Items in Smuggler's Missions:
    This is a list of all the items you unlock during the smuggler's mission mode, and what mission you have to beat to unlock each item.

    TRAINING 3 - Special Du Monde
    MISSION 2 - Super Buggy Boost
    MISSION 4 - Baja Truck
    MISSION 5 - Du Monde Oil Slick
    MISSION 7 - Baja Truck Bombs
    MISSION 9 - Vietnam
    MISSION 10 - ATV Monster
    MISSION 11 - D-5 Hondo
    MISSION 14 - ATV Boost
    MISSION 15 - Hondo Oil Slick
    MISSION 18 - Sahara Special
    MISSION 20 - Sahara Smoke Screen
    MISSION 22 - Russian Winter
    MISSION 24 - Grenadier
    MISSION 25 - Grenadier Bombs
    MISSION 27 - Kavostov Halftrack
    MISSION 29 - Kavostov Smoke Screen
    MISSION 36 - Dual Career CM's (second countermeasure can be used in smuggler's missions)

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