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Star Wars Clone Wars GameCube Cheat Codes

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    Star Wars Clone Wars

    Campaign Level Select
    To unlock the ability to select levels in Campaign mode, enter GASMASK as a code.

    To become invincible, enter 1WITHFORCE as a code.

    Play Ewok Freedom Song ("Yub Yub")
    Press UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT on the D-Pad, then B, A, START. (This is the old Konami code). Whenever you do this, you'll hear the wonderful song from the end of Return of the Jedi.

    See Team Photos
    To see photos of the team who made this game, enter SAYCHEESE as a password.

    Unlimited Ammo
    To get unlimited ammo, enter the password CHOSEN1.

    Unlock All FMVs
    To unlock all FMVs, enter the password CINEMA.

    Unlock Battle Droid in Geonosis Academy
    To unlock the Battle Droid for Geonosis Academy, enter the code ROGERROGER as a password.

    Unlock Bonus Objectives Early
    To unlock Bonus Objectives early, enter YUB_YUB as a password.

    Unlock Multiplayer Levels
    Enter FRAGFIESTA as a password to enable multiplayer level select.

    Unlock Padme
    To unlock Padme for the Geonosis level, enter the code CORDE.

    Unlock Wookiee in Jedi Academy
    To unlock the Wookiee in the Jedi Academy, enter the code FUZZBALL.

    Unlock Yoda in Geonosis Academy
    To unlock Yoda for Geonosis Academy, earn 45 bonus points

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Cheat Menu On the Title Screen, press Left, Left, L Button, L Button, Right, Right, Left, Left.
All Items
On the Title screen, press R Button, Right C, Right, L Button, Left C, Left, Right C, Right.
No Monsters
This code turns the monsters on or off in the Levels. To access this code, first enter the Cheat Menu code. Stay on the Title screen, and press the L Button, Left C, Left, R Button, Right C, Right, Left, Left.
This code only lets you die if you are severly injured. To enter the code, first enter the Cheat Menu code. Stay on the Title screen and press the R Button 7 times, then Left on the Control Pad.

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