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X-Men Next Dimension GameCube Cheat Codes

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    X-Men Next Dimension

    AI Toggle
    Go to the main menu and press UP UP DOWN DOWN A A B B X X Y Y to turn off the AI

    Alternate Ways of Unlocking Costumes
    Win 1,976 rounds to unlock the fourth skin
    Play for 20 hours to unlock the eight skin

    Unlock Bishop
    Beat Arcade mode with Gambit

    Unlock Psylocke
    Beat Arcade mode with Betsy (the Pyslocke that is a playable character from the beginning of the game

    One hit death toggle
    From the main menu, press UP UP DOWN DOWN X Y Y X

    Slow Death Code
    Enter UP UP DOWN DOWN X Y Y X for quick death.
    If you do the code again immediately after, you engage the Slow Death Mode.

    To Unlock Costumes and the Sentinals
    Win 20 times in survivor mode to unlock costume 4 and sentinal B.
    Note - For the Costume you must do it with everyone!
    To unlock Costume eight, you need 40 wins in survival Mode
    Note - You only need to do this with one person!

    To unlock Sentinal A, you must beat Arcade Mode with Cyclops.

    To unlock Costumes five, you have to beat Arcade Mode with everyone on hard.

    To unlock Costume six, you must beat Time Attack mode with everyone, with in the time limit given.

    Unlock Dark Pheonix and Bastion and Stage
    In story Mode you have a choice at the end of the game, to beat Bastion with Magneto, or lose with Magneto, and beat Bastion with Pheonix..

    To unlock Bastion and two extra stages, you must beat Story Mode with Magneto..

    To unlock Dark Pheonix, you must lose as Magneto, the a small clip will play, you must now beat Bastion with Pheonix

    Unlimited supers toggle
    To enable/disable unlimited supers, go to the main menu and press UP-UP-DOWN-DOWN-A-X-A-X.

    Unlock all character's 3rd costume
    To unlock all characters' 3rd costume simply beat Story mode once.

    Unlock Bastion
    To unlock Bastion simply beat Story mode once.

    Unlock Blob
    Simply unlock Bishop and beat arcade mode with him.

    Unlock Everything-The Long Way
    Win 1,066 rounds and play the game for over 50 hours (as specified by the stats page)

    Unlock Everything-The Short Way

    View the secret movie
    After beating story mode, watch the credits all the way through and an extra movie will play.

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