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Age of Empires 2- The Conquerors PC Cheat Codes

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    Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors

    Various Cheats:
    Other Codes: Put in these codes while playing. Hit ENTER, then type in a code
    ROCK ON 1000 Stone
    LUMBERJACK 1000 Wood
    ROBIN HOOD 1000 Gold
    MARCO Reveal Map
    POLO Remove Shadow
    AEGIS Fast Build
    NATURAL WONDERS Control Nature
    RESIGN You Lose
    WIMPYWIMPYWIMPY Destroy Yourself
    HOW DO YOU TURN THIS ON Gives a Cobra car
    TORPEDO# Kill Opponent #
    TO SMITHEREENS Gives a Saboteur
    BLACK DEATH Destroy All Enemies
    I R WINNER You Win

    More Cheats:
    In addition to the cheats already found in Age Of Empires: The Age Of Kings, The Conquerors expansion includes two extra cheats. Type in "woof woof" to replace the birds with flying dogs that when selected show "storm dog" and type in "furious the monkey boy" to get a monkey that has 99 attack and 99/99 armor. Unfortunately, it only has 9 HP.

    Make Unit Faster:
    When you click the make a man button on the toolbar click on the little flag where you can place the man you just started to create and keep clicking in the same place as fast as you can. It should double the time to make a man.

    Faster Tuetonic knights:
    1. get a ram.
    2. make 4-6 tuetonic knights (depending what ram you have, siege ram works best).
    3. put the knights in the ram and you have both a faster ram and faster tuetonic knights.

    Unlimited Reseed Farms in Mill:
    When you build a mill you can queue farms so they replant after being harvest.To do the cheat click on the mill and PAUSE THE GAME.Click on the reseed farm icon about 80 times. Unpause the game.If you did it right it should be blank.You need about 10,000 wood for this.

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Secret Levels
On the character select screen go to Sonia and hold ^
then press START. The screen will shake, then choose the character you wish to fight against.
Change To Motarro
On the character select screen go to the box of the character you wish to battle with and push and hold <, >C, and ^C. Don't let go until you see your character turn into MOTARRO. Note: This code only works if you are fighting in the stage called WASTE LAND or JADE'SDESSERT.

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