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Command and Conquer- Renegade PC Cheat Codes

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    Command and Conquer: Renegade

    Extra Characters:
    Note: this code only works in Multiplayer Practice and Non-Laddered Games.
    In order to get extra characters, press F8, the put in "extras fnkqrrm", without the quotations. If you have the unpatched version, put in "extras quantifigon", without the quotations. When you are at the Purchase Terminal, hold down alt when clicking on either Characters, or Vehicles. Some of the units for GDI include General Locke, Elana Petrova, Logan, and Liutenant Maus. The hidden vehicles for GDI are a Sedan, and a Pickup Truck. Nod's hidden characters include 3 mutants, a chef, Mutated Petrova, and Kane. Yes, Kane.

    Infinite Skirmish Time:
    Note: This involves editing a game file so create a backup copy before proceeding. Or you'll be sorry.
    Use a text editor to open svrcfg_skirmish.ini in the drivepath:\westwood\renegade\data directory.

    Changing the GAMETIME value to numeric zero will remove the time limit, as well as fiddle with a lot of other things, like the amount of credits you start with.

    Message Hot Keys:
    Note: Holding CTRL, ALT, or CTRL + ALT will display all possible phrases.

    Building needs repairs ... CTRL + 1
    Enter this vehicle ... CTRL + 2
    Exit this vehicle ... CTRL + 3
    Destroy this vehicle ... CTRL + 4
    Watch where you're pointing that ... CTRL + 5
    Don't get in my way ... CTRL + 6
    Affirmative ... CTRL + 7
    Negative ... CTRL + 8
    I'm in position ... CTRL + 9
    Enemy spotted ... CTRL + 0
    I need repairs ... ALT + 1
    Take the point ... ALT + 2
    Move out ... ALT + 3
    Follow me ... ALT + 4
    Hold position ALT + 5
    Cover me ... ALT + 6
    Take cover ... ALT + 7
    Fall back ... ALT + 8
    Return to base ... ALT + 9
    Destroy it now ... ALT + 0
    Attack the base defenses ... CTRL + ALT + 1
    Attack the harvester ... CTRL + ALT + 2
    Attack that structure ... CTRL + ALT + 3
    Attack the refinery ... CTRL + ALT + 4
    Attack the power plant ... CTRL + ALT + 5
    Defend the base ... CTRL + ALT + 6
    Defend the harvester ... CTRL + ALT + 7
    Defend that structure ... CTRL + ALT + 8
    Defend the refinery ... CTRL + ALT + 9
    Defend the power plant ... CTRL + ALT + 0

    Multiplayer Cheat List:
    Press the tilde key (above TAB) during the game to display the developer console. Enter the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Enable extras cheat ... extras fnkqrrm

    Message to all clients (host only) ... admin_message (message)
    Message to all clients (host only) ... message (message)
    Toggle framerate ... fps or display fps
    Show game progress in console ... game_info
    End current game (host only) ... gameover
    Ban user from the game (WOL server only) ... kick
    Set max net update think rate (per second) ... net_update_rate
    View player info in console ... player_info
    End game and quit to O/S (dedicated server only) ... quit
    Shutdown slave server (dedicated master server only) ... quit_slave slavename
    Quit to desktop and restart process (dedicated server only) ... restart
    Toggle pixel bias in screen text ... screen_uv_bias
    Set total bandwidth budget ... set_bw_budget_out (bps value)

    Solo Multiplayer:
    Change the map in Multiplayer mode by changing the map name in Multiplayer. This only works if you pretend to be the host of a LAN game. This trick is universally acceptable in a wide variety of FPS type games, like Aliens Versus Predator 2 and Voyager: Elite Force.

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