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PC Cheat Codes - Deadly Dozen- The Pacific Theatre

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Deadly Dozen- The Pacific Theatre PC Cheat Codes

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    Deadly Dozen: The Pacific Theatre

    Cheat List:
    Press L to bring up the console window, then type the command "/tell cheatcheat" to activate cheat mode. Enter one of the codes below to turn it on.

    Enemies invincible: /tell hitlermode
    Enemy camera: /tell ec
    Enemy field of view: /tell fovs
    Flight mode: /tell fly
    Get item /tell give: (0-44)
    God mode: /tell godmode
    God mode + unlimited ammo, flight: /tell ac
    Invisibility: /tell invis
    Lose mission: /tell losemission
    Render arrival points: /tell arrival
    Render astar paths: /tell astar
    Render cover nodes: /tell cvdraw
    Render patrol paths: /tell pathdraw
    Render waypoint: /tell wpdraw
    Render waypoint connections: /tell wpcondraw
    Thompson M1: /tell give
    Toggle HUD: /tell noint
    Unlimited ammo: /tell ammo
    View game stats: /tell stats
    Win mission: /tell winmission

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