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    The levels and quests may be randomly generated, but you can always look forward to some tough tasks ahead of you when you start a new game of Blizzard's Diablo. Here are some helpfull hints and tips to help you:
    The Butcher:

    •Quest Monster: The Butcher

    •Hit Points: 50

    •Damage: 6-12

    •Reward: The Butcher's Cleaver (+10 to Strength, 4-24 Damage, Durability = 10)

    •Tip: When preparing for battle with the Butcher, a character's most effective offense is a good defense. Regardless of class, characters should carry a sturdy shield and have at least a 15 or better armor class.

    Tristram's Water Supply:

    •Quest Monster: No unique monster

    •Reward: Ring of Truth (+10 to Hit Points, Absorbs 1 point damage per hit, Resist All 10%)

    •Tip: Regardless of character class, a good tactic for this quest is moving forward and then walking back, drawing a few creatures in at a time to avoid fighting too many monsters simultaneously.

    The Skeleton King:

    •Quest Monster: Skeleton King

    •Hit Points: 60

    •Damage: 6-16

    •Resistance: Fire and Lightning •Immunity: Non-Fire and Lightning Magic, except for Stone Curse and Holy Bolt •Reward: The Undead Crown (Armor Class=8, Life Stealing +5%)

    •Tip: A Sorcerer should fill his belt with mana potions and use Holy Bolt to kill the Skeleton King and his army. For Warriors or Rogues, blunt objects such as a mace, Morning Star or War Hammer are most effective against the undead, as well as Holy Bolt.

    Gharbad the Weak:

    •Quest Monster: Gharbad the Weak

    •Hit Points: 120

    •Damage: 8-16

    •Reward: Random Magical Item

    •Tip: The best tip for this quest is to be prepared for Gharbad to betray characters on their third visit. Gharbad lives up to his surname "The Weak," so characters should use their spells or weapon to put a quick end to the deceiver.

    Ogden's Sign:

    •Quest Monster: Snotspill

    •Hit Points: 220

    •Damage: 10-18

    •Resistance: Lightning

    •Reward: Harlequin Crest, if the sign is given to Ogden. (+2 to all stats, +7 to Hit Points, +7 to Mana, -3 to Armor Class, -1 to Damage Received)

    •Tip: To access the stairs down to level five, players must destroy Snotspill and his large number of followers. Spells from a distance such as Lightning or Fire Bolt work well. For hand-to-hand combat, using a blade weapon in the doorway is effective.

    The Magic Rock:

    •Quest Monster: No unique monster

    •Reward: Empyrean Band (+2 to all stats, +20% to Light radius, Fast hit recovery, Absorbs trap damage)

    • Tip: This object is randomly placed on a pedestal within the catacombs on the fifth level. The monsters guarding the rock are random as well. Be sure to return the rock to Griswald for the magical ring.

    Arkaine's Valor:

    •Quest Monster: No unique monster

    •Reward: Arkaine's Valor (Splint Mail, +25 to Armor Class, +10 to Vitality, Absorbs 3 points damage per hit received, Fastest hit recovery)

    •Tip: You have to fight your way through plenty of demons to get at the armor. A Sorcerer should use his highest level spell of either Fire or Charged Bolt. Both the Warrior and Rogue will want to close the distance between the creatures, so the demons do not have room to charge.

    Chamber of Bone:

    •Quest Monster: No unique monster

    •Reward: Guardian Spell

    •Tip: Once again, you'll have to battle though hoards of the enemy to get at the spell. Sorcerers should conserve mana by waiting until horned demons are close before firing shots. The Warrior and Rogue should use an edged weapon against the horned demon, but also have a blunt weapon to use against the undead that lurk in the area.

    Halls of the Blind:

    •Quest Monster: No unique monster

    •Reward: Optic amulet (+20% to Light Radius, +20% to Resist Lightning, Absorbs one point of damage per hit, +5 to Magic)

    •Tip: When fighting the hidden hand-to-hand, try left click attacking once and then moving away. Then once they reappear, left click attack them again.

    Zhar the Mad:

    •Quest Monster: Zhar the Mad

    •Hit Points: 360 •Damage: 16-40

    • Resistance: Fire and Lightning •Immunity: Other Magic (except Stone Curse)

    •Reward: Random book

    •Tip: If Zhar becomes maddened and attacks, try to attack him from range with a bow or spells. The Warrior should left click and swing at him only once, then wait for him to disappear. Once he reappears, repeat the process over again until he dies.

    Black Mushroom:

    •Quest Monster: No unique monster

    •Reward: Spectral Elixir (+3 to all attributes)

    •Tip: On the ninth level, players should search for a patch of mushrooms. Pick the largest one, and return it to Adria. Players then need return to the ninth level, kill a demon and then return the demon's brain to Pepin to get the Spectral Elixir

    Anvil of Fury:

    •Quest Monster: No unique monster

    •Reward: Griswold's Edge (Fire Hit 1 to 10, +25 to Hit, Faster attack, Knocks back monster, +20 to Mana, -20 to Hit Points)

    •Tip: The Anvil of Fury is randomly placed on the tenth level of the cathedral. If the anvil is returned to Griswold, he will create a powerful blade.

    Warlord of Blood:

    •Quest Monster: Warlord of Blood

    •Hit Points: 850

    •Damage: 35-50

    • Immunity: Fire, Lightning, and other Magic •Reward: Random magic item and access to the 14th level

    •Tip: The Warlord of Blood wears hellishly thick armor and is extremely resilient. Additionally, the Warlord of Blood is immune to fire, lightning and magic. The best method for the Sorcerer to use in battle is the Mana Shield and use a powerful weapon. All characters should lure the beast's followers away and destroy them before attacking the Warlord.


    •Quest Monster: Lachdanan

    •Hit Points: 500

    •Reward: Veil of Steel (+50% to Resist All, +60% to Armor Class, -30 to Mana, +15 to Strength, +15 to Vitality, -20% to Light Radius

    •Tip: You do not fight Lachdanan, but instead bring him the Golden Elixir found on the 15th level to get the Veil of Steel. The elixir is sometimes difficult to find. Be sure to carefully examine all areas on the level.

    Archbishop Lazarus:

    •Quest Monsters: Archbishop Lazarus, Red Vex, and Black Jade

    •Lazarus Hit Points: 600

    •Lazarus Damage: 30-50

    •Red Vex and Black Jade Hit Points: 400

    •Red Vex and Black Jade Damage: 30-50

    •Reward: Opportunity to kill Diablo and three random magic items

    •Tip: If fighting hand-to-hand, click left on Lazarus once to initiate a single attack. Then wait for him to disappear and reappear before clicking on him again to commence attacking, just like you did for Zhar the Mad. Continuing this pattern should destroy him. Both the Sorcerer and Rogue should fight at range, firing off spells or arrows at the locations to which he teleports.


    •Quest Monster: Diablo

    •Hit Points: 833 •Damage: 30 - 60

    •Resistance: to Fire, Lightning, and other Magic

    •Immunity: Stone Curse

    •Reward: You win and save the world.

    •Tip: Cast Mana Shield if you have it, and fill your belt with any remaining Full Rejuvenation potions. Once Diablo spots a character and begins to unleash Hellfire, regardless of class, the best strategy is to close the distance between the character and the Demon Lord. His raking claws are not as potent as the Hellfire.

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