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Drakan-Order of the Flame PC Cheat Codes

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    Drakan: Order of the Flame

    Cheat Codes for Demo Version:
    While playing, press '\' then type "sanctuary" to enable god mode, or "smeghead" for full health. Re-enter the codes to return to normal.

    Debug Mode:
    While playing press the backslash key (/) then type in: debug mode. To turn it off press backslash and type: turn off debug. When the debug mode is on if you hit the backslash key and type: all weapons, a weapons menu should appear.

    God Mode:
    While playing, press the backslash (\) key, then type "iamgod". The gods will empower you with invulnerability. Repeat the process to return to normal.

    Replenish Health:
    During gameplay, press backslash and type: smoghead, this cheat will instantly give you full health. Great for those who do not want to use god mode, but do not wish to die either.

    Weapon Select:
    To get any weapon hit backslash (/) and then type in: give (weapon's name)
    Submitted by - Relentless aand Evil Stevil

    Enable Blood Mode:
    NOTE: This involves editing a game file so create a backup before proceeding. Some versions of the game have blood disabled in the game (depending on country - i.e., Germany).

    Locate the drakan.cfg file in the game directory. Search for the set violence line in the //Settings section. Change the value of set violence for various effects:
    1 = No blood and no gibs
    2 = Blood and gibs
    3 = Blood, no gibs

    Master Cheat List:
    Hold SHIFT while starting up the game. Click the DEVELOPER tab and check the box marked DEVELOPER MODE and continue booting up the game.

    You can start the game by holding CTRL and clicking NEW GAME. Press BACKSLASH to bring up the dialogue box and enter the cheat. Activate cheats with ENTER.

    Change game speed ... fov <6-93>
    Set game speed ... speed <1-50>
    Disable debug mode ... debug off
    Enable debug mode ... debug on
    Full health ... smoghead
    God mode ... iamgod (not on last stage)
    God mode (last stage only) ... iamgoddess
    Kill nearby enemies ... giants
    Land (while in flight) ... drop
    List weapon names (debug mode) ... all weapons
    Remove fog ... foghack
    P.O.V. to nearest enemy ... switch
    Flight mode on/off ... floy
    Unlock doors ... opensezme
    Gain indicated item ... gimme
    Gain indicated weapon ... give

    Item/Weapon list:
    - Some items can only be obtained on the levels that the normally appear on.
    health elixir
    potion of life
    great sword
    battle axe
    battle hammer
    altir's mace
    sword of flame
    ice hammer
    sword of ice
    lightning axe
    long sword
    mithril great sword
    mithril axe
    fire boomerang
    mithril hammer
    mithril long sword
    mithril mace
    magic scimitar
    magic short sword
    short sword
    speed scimitarv mourn bringer
    potion of invisibility
    potion of invulnerability
    flaming sword
    long bow
    lightning crystal
    fire crystal
    ice crystal
    plate mail
    banded mail
    dragon armor
    rift crystal
    bell hammer of alwarren
    rune cage key
    scale mail
    chain mail
    tunnel entrance key
    crusher room key
    house key
    studded leather
    storage rune
    elemental amulet
    flaming arrows
    poison arrows
    explosive arrows
    energy bow
    energy arrow quiver
    energy bow key
    goblin access key
    mithril throwing axe
    ice arrows
    mithril throwing hammer
    jail key
    dark scimitar
    magic arrows
    potion of invulnerability bronze
    potion of invulnerability gold
    potion of invulnerability dark
    heavy bow
    speed bow
    heron's crystal
    tuiri's soul crystal
    dragon armor rune
    lava rune
    succubus mirror
    mystic key
    atimar's blade
    dead man's key
    rune of stone
    grungle's hammer

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