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    Get Hidden City:
    Get a hidden city by finishing the game one time
    High Score Name Cheats:
    Put the following names in the high score box to get the following cheat

    NJW280172 - Fast Cars
    WAC271074 - No Cops
    RUS3L - Invincible
    TMR300866 - Show credits
    ANJW16696 - Be wanted by cops

    Hacks (DEMO of Driver Only):
    Hacking Code

    Go into your Driver Demo Directory, and then go into the
    scripts/missions/ There should be a file by the name of
    "Mission661.dms" (make a backup of this file before making changes):

    Edit that file. Inside you'll find when cops appear,
    your damage, the time, and you can also change how your car looks.

    Unlimited damage:
    Take out the following lines:

    MaxPlayerDamage 24576 file://( 0 ->4096*6 is range)

    Unlimited time:
    Take out the following lines:

    DebugInfo 1
    Countdown 70 file://UK 60 seconds USA 70 seconds

    Change the weather:
    Add any combination of these in a space following
    the "FelonyBarId 195" line:

    Snowing (doesn't seem to do anything, but loads
    as a valid argument)

    Change your car:
    Replace the "0" (zero) in "PlayerCarType 0" to one
    of the following numbers:
    0 - Original Car
    1 - Crew Cab Pickup
    2 - "Luxury"/Pimp Coupe
    3 - Sports Coupe
    4 - Camaro? (Fast)
    5 - Toronado
    6 - Nova?
    7 - Cadillac Sedan
    8 - Bonneville?
    9 - Chevelle?
    10 - L.A.P.D. Caprice Cruiser (Horn activates
    lights and siren)
    11 - Cadillac? Coupe
    12 - Firebird/Camaro Z28
    13 - Taxi
    14 - Cadillac Sedan
    15 - Error - Do not use
    16 - Jaguar (CrazyFast: 170+)
    17 - '55 Thunderbird (CrazyFast)

    Disable the "Lose The Tail" mission:

    Delete or comment out the following lines (Note: These
    are scattered throughout the file, with important stuff
    in-between, so don't just delete everything!):

    SetMaximumCops 0
    Cop_Respawn 65000

    Cops_Immortal 0

    //SpawnCops 1, 3067, 45609, 441019
    AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019

    ForceFelonyRating 1

    InformPlayerById 5,103

    Set Objective 2

    MustBeHidden 1 //Must arrive at drop off point without a tail
    NeedToLoseTail 1
    OuterRadius 1000000


    InformPlayerById 5,3
    wait 2

    Disabling the Lose The Tail will enable "prowling" cops.
    Set the number of cops you wish to have chasing you by
    changing the number in the line "SetMaximumCops 1" (I
    find three is a pretty good number), or disable cops by
    changing "Cops_on" to "Cops_off".

    You can also add the line: "CopWipeOutDamage 7000" to
    set the amount of damage it takes to destroy a Cop
    Cruiser (If this line is not present, it takes about
    one solid head-on crash to destroy a cop).

    Place a "trigger cop":
    Allows you to drive freely without -any- cop intervention
    until activated. To enable this, do -not- delete the line:

    "AddCivCar 9,0,1,0,3067, 45609, 441019"

    This will cause an unactive police cruiser to be placed
    directly behind your starting position, who will remain
    inactive unless provoked, thereby activating -all- of the cops.

    Reach 204mph:
    First of all select the Jaguar (Car type 16).

    Start game as normal, find a nice long road, build up
    speed to around 100-110mph.

    Release the accelrator (And Burn Out if you're using it).

    Hold down the cruise control key (C I think is the default).

    Instead of slowing down to cruise speed (30-40mph), your
    car will carry on speeding up, past its usual 178mph or
    so, we hit 204mph, but we ran out of road (Ouch that
    wall hurt), maybe you can get more out of it!

    About the missions:
    All the mission-scripts for the game are found in the folder \Missions. I made a complete list of all the mission-scripts and added the names and level-numbers. Mission-scripts in italics should be left alone and mission-scripts with a # are suitable for a little bit of tinkering (Always make back-up copies of them, in a separate folder !!) I added some of my own comments behind two back-slashes (\\).

    About the weather:
    As far as I was able to find out, there are 7 different types of weather conditions. Behind each type you'll find the cities in which they function. Just add the type you want in the mission-script after DamageBarId and FelonyBarId.

    DAWN (Miami, Frisco,NewYork, Newcastle)
    NIGHT (All cities)
    DUSK (Miami, Frisco, NewYork, Newcastle)
    RAINING (All cities)
    LIGHTNING (All cities)
    SNOWING (New York only)
    FOGGY (none)

    "foggy" is a valid weather-condition, but I just don't seem to succeed in getting it in a mission-script. It can only be included when dept-cueing of smoke is fixed in fogging.

    About the maps:
    When playing the game, you will see a map window in the right bottom corner. These maps are bitmap-files loaded into the game. You can find these bitmaps in the DRIVER-folder and are called , and There are loads of back-alley's, hide-outs etc. to find and I started to add them on the maps.


    About Exploding Crates:
    It's possible to drive a pick-up truck with an explosive crate in all the Take A Ride-missions!!
    Just add the following lines to the mission-script:

    PlayerCarType 4
    OpponentBar "KaBoom"
    FailedMessage "KaBoom"

    I added a zip-file containing the text-file with all the scripts explained and my 4 maps.

    Skip Training Mode:
    Find the file DRIVER\DATA\MLADDER.DML and back it up. Now use notepad or any text editor to remove the lines INTERVIEW & QUITONFAIL from this file. Save it back to the directory and you now do not have to pass training to go to the missions

    Choose Cities:
    This is kinda what you do for the skip traing mission. You do the same thing except you click at the very top where it says [MIAMI] all you have to do is delete miami and put in [SF] or [NY] and you can drive around in New York or San Francisco its pretty cool try it

    Choose Your Car:
    Finish the game once and get to choose your car when you take a ride

    Bomb-Transport (Driver Demo):
    Put the following lines into your mission.661 file

    PlayerCarType 4
    OpponentBar "KaBOOM"
    FailedMessage "KaBOOM"

    this will give you a pickup (With the performance of the camaro)with a box on the rear
    The box will blow up if you drive to rough

    It works for me.

    Unlock all cheat(Edit):
    Edit file DRIVER/DATA/MLADDER.DML WARNING!!! Back up the file before you do this. Use notepad or something like that to open it. Find the line "#President render RENDER 70". Then delete everything above it above it except for the header. Then start the game as normal, choose a new game and then wait a little. I little movie will play and then the credits, but you can skip them by pressing Esc. Then you should have all the cheat on the cheat menu.

    400+ MPH:
    First use the "Unlock all cheats" cheat or beat the game.Then set the cheat "fast cars", "freight train", and "no damage" to on. Then take a drive. Choose the Jaguar or the Thunderbird. Find a nice long straight road (New York has a good one). Then start at one end. Accelerate until reaching upper 200's then press and hold the cruise. Caution: Car will wheelie and you will be left without steering with front in air. Tap on the gas repeatingly to keep front down.

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