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Dues Ex PC Cheat Codes

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    Dues Ex Various Cheats: Edit user.ini in the deusex/system folder and change an empty key binding from (example!) 't=' to 't=talk' (do this for all occurances of 't='). In game, press T to make a line 'Say:' display at the bottom. Delete the word 'Say'. Always type on a blank line. Go to the console and type in set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True. Now type in any of the code listed below for the desired effect god Invincible invisible true/false Invisible (pick true or false) legend Secrets Menu allskillpoints All Skill Points allweapons All Weapons allskills All Skills allammo Max Out Ammo behindview 1/0 Behind view on or off walk Flying mode off fly Flying mode on allaugs Get Basic Augmentations ghost Walk through walls tantalus Kill Current Target opensesame Unlock Targeted Door iamwarren EMP Field On allhealth Max Health allenergy Max Energy allcredits 10000 Credits allimages All Images summon # Summon Item X (Object List below) spawnmass Spawn a Mass of Enemies Object used with the summon code Lockpick Basketball MultiTool AcousticSensor HazMatSuit SodaCan CandyBar Liquor40oz SoyFood VialAmbrosia Rebreather AdaptiveArmor Binoculars BallisticArmor LiquorBottle Credits WineBottle Cigarettes Medkit VialCrack Flare FireExtinguisher WeaponPistol WeaponRifle WeaponStealthPistol WeaponShuriken WeaponSawedOffShotgun WeaponProd WeaponPlasmaRifle WeaponAssaultShotgun WeaponFlameThrower WeaponGasGrenade WeaponLAM WeaponCombatKnife WeaponCrowbar WeaponHideAGun WeaponAssaultGun WeaponLAW WeaponPepperGun WeaponMiniCrossbow WeaponSword WeaponBaton WeaponNanoSword WeaponEMPGrenade WeaponNanoVirusGrenade WeaponGepGun Ammo10mm AmmoDart AmmoDartPoison AmmoDartFlare AmmoNapalm AmmoPlasma Ammo3006 AmmoRockets AmmoRocketWP Ammo20mm AmmoSabot Weaponmodaccuracy Weaponmodclip Weaponmodlaser Weaponmodrange Weaponmodrecoil Weaponmodscope Weaponmodsilencer Weaponmodreload Terrorist JCDentonMale PaulDenton Greasel Gray TiffanySavage NicoletteDuClare JoeGreen WaltonSimons JojoFine AlexJacobson JaimeReyes BobPage RepairBot MedicalBot MJ12troop MJ12commando UNATCOtroop militarybot riotcop cop soldier salior securitybot2 cleanerbot tracertong gordonquick harleyfilben maxchen jock watercooler waterfountain atm credits poolball pinballmachine vendingmachine cigarettemachine flagpole newspaper datacube showerhead showerfaucet faucet toilet retinalscanner pillow flowers microscope ceilingfan cat rat pigeon seagull doberman gray karkian fish fly Adding Augmentations: Use cheat enabling as shown then type augadd xxx (xxx is aug name) Augmentations Available: AugBallistic - Bullet Shield AugCloak - Invisbility AugCombat - Melee Strength AugEMP - EMP Shield AugEnviro - Environmental Resistance AugMuscle - Lifting Strength AugShield - Energy Shield AugRadarTrans - Radar Transparency AugTarget - Targeting AugAqualung - Aqualung AugHealing - Health Regeneration AugStealth - Silent Running AugSpeed - Better Running And Jumping AugVision - Vision Enhancement AugDefense - Aggressive Defense AugDrone - Spy Drone AugHeartLung - Improves Other Augs AugPower - Makes Augs More Efficient

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Todays Hot Cheat - Wetrix

Raise/Lower Water:
At the main menu press and hold:
c-down or c-up
This will allow you to bring up or down a whirlpool of water. While still holding a button, the analog stick makes it possible to move the whirlpool.
Change Floor/Background:
After finishing the sixteen practice rounds goto the options menu. Choose the floor option and you will be allowed to alter the floor and background designs and colors.

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