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PC Cheat Codes - Empire Earth- The Art of Conquest

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Empire Earth- The Art of Conquest PC Cheat Codes

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    Empire Earth: The Art of Conquest

    Cheat List:
    To get the following codes to work, press ENTER during gameplay, enter the cheat at the prompt, then press ENTER again. These codes only work on Random Map mode:
    all your base are belong to us: Get 100,000 of every resource
    atm: Get more gold
    ahhcool: Lose the current game (can't you do that on your own?)
    asus drivers: Get full map
    boston rent: Have no gold
    creatine: Get 1000 more iron
    display cheat: Show the codes
    headshot: Remove objects from map
    my name is methos: Get full map and all resources
    somebody set up us the bomb: Win the current game
    the big dig: Have no resources
    uh, smoke?: Have no wood
    you said wood: Get 1000 wood

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