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Europa Universalis PC Cheat Codes

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    Europa Universalis

    Various Cheats:
    During gameplay press F12 to get the console then put in a code below
    richelieu Control All Military Units
    pappenheim Toggle Fog of War
    columbus Explores All Provinces
    gustavus Increases Land Technology Level
    drake Increases Naval Technology Level
    cromwell Increases Infrastructure Level
    polo Increases Trade Level
    oranje Set Stability to +3
    cortez Eliminates Natives
    alba Eliminate Revolts
    tilly AI Will Not Declare War
    montezuma +50000 Ducats to Treasury
    pocahontas +10 Colonists
    dagama +10 Merchants
    swift Add 10000 Population to Capital Province
    peterthegreat Troop Limits
    russianhordes More Cannonfodders
    difrules God Mode
    vatican +10 Diplomats
    shogun Closing Japan
    trent Council of Trent Triggered
    calvin Efeects of John Calvin
    luther Effects of reformation
    event [#] Trigger Event [#] (See List)

    Event List:
    (Use with EVENT cheat)

    Event 1 = Creates Revolt in random province
    Event 2 = Creates Revolt in random colony
    Event 3 = Rel rev
    Event 7 = Religion
    Event 8 = Heretics
    Event 9 = Death
    Event 10 = Excellent
    Event 11 = Insanity
    Event 12 = Scandal
    Event 13 = Gift
    Event 14 = Gold lost
    Event 15 = Obscuritism
    Event 16 = Except year
    Event 17 = Colonist
    Event 18 = Demand
    Event 20 = Bank
    Event 21 = Stock exchange
    Event 22 = Company of trae
    Event 23 = Port closure
    Event 24 = Diplomacy
    Event 25 = pressure
    Event 26 = Col Dyn
    Event 27 = Inventions
    Event 28 = Merchants
    Event 29 = Stolen sea charts
    Event 30 = Plague
    Event 31 = Naval disaster
    Event 32 = Dessertion
    Event 33 = Land tech
    Event 34 = naval tech
    Event 35 = Enthu army
    Event 36 = Enthu navy
    Event 37 = Annex
    Event 38 = Agriculture
    Event 39 = Fire
    Event 40 = Good Gov
    Event 41 = Poor Gov
    Event 42 = Unhappy Clergy
    Event 43 = Unhappy Artis
    Event 44 = Unhappy Peasants
    Event 45 = Unhappy Merchant
    Event 46 = Minerral
    Event 47 = Crisis
    Event 48 = Corruption
    Event 49 = Defaltion
    Event 50 = Dip insult
    Event 51 = Favored trade nation
    Event 52 = Indust development
    Event 53 = New centre of trade
    Event 54 = Frade restrictions
    Event 55 = Fortification
    Event 56 = Explorer
    Event 57 = Conquistador
    Event 58 = Explorer with ship
    Event 59 = Conquistador and 1000 troops in random city

    Here's the steps I discovered accidentally (believe it or not)
    1. Go into Single Player.
    2. Go back to Main Menu.
    3. Go into Multiplayer.
    4. Enter ANY name at all.
    5. Back to Main Menu.
    6. Single Player again.
    7. Click on the game you want to switch sides on.
    8. Shields on top should be 'clickable' and select what major power you want to be.
    9. Smile!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Works well when you are losing a war (with a major country)!

    Technology Jumps:
    I've only tried this with version 1.09eu so it may not work with earlier versions. To increase your technology levels quickly and really play like a god, hit event 49 (deflation) at least 5 or 6 times and then use the normal increase Technology codes (Gustavus, Drake, Cromwell, Polo). Each use of it should increase your technology level by 1 FULL step if you have decreased your inflation enough. Also found that you can actually make money upgrading with manufactories with the deflation set to a negative amount.

    Also event 57 is the fortification effort, not event 55, and it only works on your core provinces, the ones with the country's shield on the political map.

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