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F1 2000 PC Cheat Codes

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    F1 2000

    Enter These in the driver info
    Simonthebest = All tracks
    Pantsgay = Get mini

    Super Car:
    In the game menu tape: "Hakkinen is the best"
    and we will have the car of Hakkinen but super fast.You can do it with each name to have the car that you like.

    Crashes made easy:
    Here's a great way to get rid of opponent's when racing . Let the person you want to get rid of pass you . Then catch up and put the middle wheel in between the other car's wheel's and go at about the same speed . Then hit the breaks and the car will go flying .Have Fun . (P.S. It works best in the start-finish line .)

    More Cars:
    Type Carssssss in the name of the Car!

    Hex Cheat:
    Changes the weight in de sub season00\verhicles
    *.veh file with a editor from your favorite driver en you have a faster car.

    Super fast Car:
    message: Make a profile under the name of Damon Hill and your car will race at double the speed.

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Todays Hot Cheat - Wetrix

Raise/Lower Water:
At the main menu press and hold:
c-down or c-up
This will allow you to bring up or down a whirlpool of water. While still holding a button, the analog stick makes it possible to move the whirlpool.
Change Floor/Background:
After finishing the sixteen practice rounds goto the options menu. Choose the floor option and you will be allowed to alter the floor and background designs and colors.

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Bondage Swingers

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