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Falcon 4-0 PC Cheat Codes

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    Falcon 4.0

    Restore Ammo:
    Type in Revenge while playing
    Can't get a medal or promotion? Well, worry no more. Go to your settings and set the following:

    Flight Model: Realistic
    Avioninics: Simplified
    Weapons: Exagerated
    Autopilot: Steerpoint
    Refuel: Realistic
    Padlocking: Realistic

    You can turn on the labels, to help identify enemy. Your overall should be 80%.

    Apply the settings. Go to campaign. Set your flight up (take a BARCAP and take some BLU 27s to kill ground troops) with munitions. When you are one the runway type CRTL+Z Z (You will hear a click. If you hear a flare launch, you need to type it again). Turn on your labels. Okay, you should be invincible. Go and kill the enemy (take out as many air/ground troops as possible!). After completing BARCAP, return to base and land. Taxi clear of the runway and type in CTRL+Z Z one more time (to turn off invincible mode) and then exit the mission. When you get to the debrief you should get a medal (if you killed more than 2 or 4 aircraft and about 20 to 30 ground pounders). Best bet, take out some MI 24s or MD 500s along with the MiGs to boost A-A kills. Your medal will range anywhere from the Distinguished Flying Cross to the Silver Star. Make sure you are successful. Best bet, take #2 (in 2 flight) or #4 (in full fligt) positions. This leaves the AI to lead the flight and you free to kill targets of opportunity.

    Good luck, and keep the enemy off your six!

    NOTE: This works in v1.07, but with 1.08 coming out, who knows.

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Change Floor/Background:
After finishing the sixteen practice rounds goto the options menu. Choose the floor option and you will be allowed to alter the floor and background designs and colors.

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