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PC Cheat Codes - Force 21

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Force 21 PC Cheat Codes

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    Force 21

    Cheat List:
    Press ENTER, then enter one of the cheats below. Press ENTER again to activate it.
    Alternate view: stratperspective
    Center camera on unit: centermass
    Change blue light: ambb
    Change green light: ambg
    Change red light: ambr
    Control the camera's maximum height: maxheight
    Control the camera's maximum pitch: maxpitch
    Control the camera's minimum height: minheight
    Control the camera's minimum pitch: minpitch
    Damage first vehicle in present: platoon hurt
    Disable horizon: seattle
    Disable the victory check: novictory
    Disables effects of commanders: commanders
    Display current RGB light values: amb
    Display framerate: fps
    Display memory used by sound: soundbytes
    Everyone's invincible: polytheism
    Exit to windows: exit
    Farthest distance to draw fog: farfog (number)
    Farthest to draw objects/terrain: farclip (number)
    Full radar: chessmatch
    Identify selected vehicle: id
    Instant loss: hasselhoff
    Instant win: gameoverman
    Kill several enemy units: killenemy
    List targets: targetlist
    Lock vehicle: chillout
    Mark tanks with yellow triangles: neon
    Mark buildings and tanks with yellow boxes: avatar
    Nearest distance to draw fog: nearfog (number)
    Nearest distance to draw objects/terrain: nearclip
    (number) No textures on tactical map: grid
    Polluted sky: london
    Remove trees: amazon
    Reveal enemy positions: ispy
    Scale models to x times original size: scalemodel(0-255)
    Set acceleration speed: scaleacceleration (0-255)
    Set the blue direction of light: dirb (number)
    Set the camera height: cameraheight (number)
    Set the green direction of light: dirg (number)
    Set travel speed: scalespeed (0-255)
    Set turning speed: scaleturn (0-255)

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