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Ghost Master PC Cheat Codes

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    Ghost Master

    get ghost on first level:
    When you go into the first house you will find a ghost near the back of the house on the first floor. get cogjammerand and put him on the radio on the shelf over the vacuum then use the move at the top of his list and the ghost will now be yours to use

    After completing house 101 you are presented with two available haunts. Choose Calamytiville as your second haunt.

    The reason for this is that you can get the 'arial fitter', Static. His ability to shock every electrical fetter in the same room will allow you to get 'Lucky' from the pinball machine on the other available level when you've finished this level.

    How to get hidden character:
    To get banzi go to unusual suspects and bind stone wall to the plant in the main lobby and use tremor

    Chimney Ghost:
    If you know the level with the ghost in the basment (the guy with the blow torch)
    and the women upstairs, then you will understand.
    To get the ghost stuck in the chimney go downstairs to the living room ( 1st floor)
    put a horror in that room with the power
    ''Bitter cold'' and wait, a couple of seconds later the room upstairs will be filling with smoke, someone should find this and he/she will call a handyman to clear the chimney and then the skeleton will fall and the chimney guy (guy on the roof) will be free.

    How to unlock some of the ghosts:
    On that level were you have to get all the corpses discovered first use stone wall in the basement, there is a hole in the floor near the ghost near the boiler, use stone walls tremor and a couple of bricks come out the wall then wait till one of the family discovers him and you get him then to get the Ariel guy at the chimney on the ground floor use some one with bitter cold it causes the fireplace two floors up to smoke badly the handyman comes and has a poke around and the corpse falls down and you get him, and finally to get Maxine in the attic wait till a member of the family breaks open the first door ad goes into the second when this happens you have to get a female member of the family to use the cosmetics on the table and you get her now there is alot too do in one level so what I did was when into high scores and got arclight later

    How to get people out faster:
    Use combinations of ghosts in one area. Such as, Electrical, Water, Inside, and Violence. Get as many ghosts into one area as you can and you will it the mortals with multiple scares and get rid of them quicker!

    Haunting tips:
    I thought up some tips as i was playing works on house 101 and the 2nd one best

    1. first of all gather everyone downstairs
    then place a boo at the top set his power on the highest you can and look on the list and go on commands set it so that he will only use them if he sees a mortal

    2 put a spider in the room where the stairs come down and set its power so that the swarm
    allover a "shivers" in the living room or dining room then place the rest in wherever you think is necessary just only leave them one choice ..... THE DOOR

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