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Hitman- Codenam 47 PC Cheat Codes

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    Hitman: Codenam 47

    Enabling cheats and all the cheats!:
    In order to make the codes work, you must add the following line to the bottom of the hitman.ini file: Enableconsole 1
    Once you do that, run the game. When playing, press the "~" key, and a gray box will slide from the top of the screen. You can then put in any of these codes.

    Code Function

    invisible 1 Invisibilty
    god 1 God Mode
    giveall All Weapons
    infammo Infinate Ammo

    All Missions:
    Put in Kim Bo Kastekniv for your name

    Lee Hong's Sword:
    To get the sword of Lee Hong all you have to do is on level 4 go to his mansion,you need to get to Lee without him drawing the sword. Go too Lee's mansion, as you cannot pass his bodyguard un-noticed the easiest way to do this is by enabling the cheats and putting in the invisibility code. Do NOT kill anyone downstairs and go straight up the stairs. Walk through to a room were Lee keeps on walking in and out of, there is a Red Dragon guard, after Lee has walked out of the room and kill the guard (with fiber-wire) and then when Lee comes back he will not notice the body then kill Lee, this must be done with one shot (or you could yust use a knife or fibre-wire). Now right-click the mouse on his dead body and pick-up sword.
    Lee Hong's Sword acts just like a knife only better, you can still stab and slit necks with it.

    WARNING!!! If you put Lee Hong's Sword away it does not show in your inventory so you cannot get it back!

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