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Kings Quest 8 PC Cheat Codes

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    King's Quest 8

    Cheat Menu:
    Press (Left-Control)(Left Shift) and the number seven (7) all at the same time to activate the cheat menu then use one of the following: Then press (Left-Control)(Left Shift) and the number seven (7) all at the same time to exit the console.
    ungod - disable god mode

    concollide - disable no clipping mode

    set kqconner::reincarnate true - instant return from death

    teleport - Teleport anywhere on map-may crash game

    god - god mode, some things like river of death, traps and falls will still kill you

    bump - disable collision detection

    give ???? 100 - give certain items, for example give mushroom 100 would give you 100 mushrooms

    Type one of these or guess your own for the ???? in the 'give ???? 100' above

    silvercoins - money
    mushrooms - mushrooms
    strength - strength potions
    clarity - reveal potion
    invisible - invisibility potion
    Other Items:
    item0= Dagger
    item1= SmallAx
    item2= BroadSword
    item3= Mace
    item4= LakeSword
    item5= SkelKingSword
    item6= BattleAx
    item7= WarHammer
    item8= Pike
    item9= LongSword
    item10= FlameSword
    item11= TempleSword
    item12= SmCrossbow
    item13= AzrielHammer
    item14= SmCpndCBow
    item15= ShortBow
    item16= LongBow
    item17= CrossBow
    item18= CpndCrossbow
    item19= FlameBow
    item20= IceCrossbow
    item21= WeeperEyes
    item22= DemonRocks
    item23= SkelBow
    item24= SlmSlime
    item25= WitchBolt
    item26= Lava
    item27= Fists
    item28= Icycle

    item29= LeatherGloves
    item30= LeatherArmor
    item31= LeatherBoots
    item32= ChainMailShirt
    item33= ChainMailGloves
    item34= ChainMailSuit
    item35= PlateMail
    item36= BronzePlate
    item37= FullArmor
    item38= Helmet
    item39= TempleArmor
    item40= GodArmor

    ;Health & Magic items
    item41= Mushroom
    item42= SacredWater
    item43= Crystal
    item44= ElixerOfLife
    item45= Clarity
    item46= Invisible
    item47= Invulnerable
    item48= Strength

    item49= RingOfDeadHero
    item50= Ashes
    item51= Candle
    item52= SilverCoins
    item53= MagicMap
    item54= RopeAndHook
    item55= RingOfLight
    item56= KeyToDeathMaze
    item57= Mold
    item58= BrokenShield
    item59= RustedBrokenShield
    item60= HearingHorn
    item61= AntiPoisonFlower
    item62= GreenMushroomPiece
    item63= Rock
    item64= IronLock
    item65= OakRoot
    item66= LodeStone
    item67= CrystalPyramid
    item68= BlackDiamond
    item69= AmberGlow
    item70= BasiliskTongue
    item71= FireGem
    item72= PipeCap1
    item73= PipeCap2
    item74= DragonKey
    item75= RockKey
    item76= BlueAdamant
    item77= JailKey
    item78= DecipheringAmulet
    item79= Paddle
    item80= Feather
    item81= GoodSkull
    item82= BadSkull
    item83= RoundKey
    item84= SquareKey
    item85= Ladle
    item86= hmhand
    item87= Mask1
    item88= Mask2
    item89= Mask3
    item90= Mask4
    item91= Mask5
    item92= Piece1
    item93= Piece2
    item94= Piece3
    item95= Piece4
    item96= Scroll
    item97= LadyBell
    item98= RustedLock
    item99= KeepKey
    item100= StoneOrder
    item101= MetalShaft
    item102= TruthKey
    item103= LightKey
    item104= OrderKey
    item105= MarbleTablet0
    item106= MaskMedalian
    item107= Grail
    item108= Mask3B
    item109= Piece5
    item110= UniHorn
    item111= SpellPage
    item112= Mask1A
    item113= Piece1A
    item114= DarkPyramid
    item115= ShardFuse
    item116= MarbleTablet1
    item117= MarbleTablet2
    item118= MarbleTablet3
    item119= GriffRoomKey
    item120= GriffCageKey
    item121= ClockShaft
    item122= HookDown
    item123= HookUp
    item124= SpinningMask
    item125= Orcbow
    item126= Spear
    item127= IceShard
    item128= IceLever

    ;Lucreto's scepter
    item129= LucretoFire

    ;Connor starts with no weapon or armor
    item130= NoRanged
    item131= NoArmor
    item132= BirthdaySuit
    item133= Logo1
    item134= Logo2

    Unknown and easter egg codes:



















    set allowaltenter true

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