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Legacy of Kain- Soul Reaver PC Cheat Codes

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    Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

    Hex Cheats:
    Note: Always back up files before changing anything!!
    There are a number of "command line" parameters that the game will accept, but unfortunately not on the actual command line nor by trying to use the file KAIN2.ARG, which has the default parameters used by the game. They are actually read from an area inside the KAIN2.EXE file. There are only 39 bytes that can be used. Be sure to backup KAIN2.EXE before editing this file. To find the place with a hex editor, search for some part or all of the following string:

    under 1 -mainmenu -voice -inspectral

    The first parameter should be a level name. This level will be loaded if the "Start A New Game" option is chosen on the Main Menu. See below for level names.

    The remaining bytes can be used for parameters. If the -mainmenu parameter is not there, when the game is started, the first parameter level will automatically be loaded. The -inspectral parameter means Raziel will start a new game in the spectral world. It is not known exactly what the -voice parameter does as there are still voices in the game if it is not there.

    The following string will open all portals. Also, when a new game is selected, it will start after the long beginning cut-scene and very close to the first portal. These cheats will not however allow access to all areas of the game because they do not grant any of the additional abilities or weapons needed to continue nor will they solve any of the puzzles which open locked doors.

    train 1 -mainmenu -voice -allwarp

    Command Line Parameters


    Level Names (not in order)
    Note: Sometimes other numbers after the level name will also work. Examples: train 2; cathy 25.

    chrono 1
    pillars 1
    cathy 55
    chrono 2
    nightb 8
    aluka 46
    pillars 2
    cathy 54
    skinnr 12
    fire 3
    train 9
    train 7
    train 1
    hubb 1
    huba 10
    huba 6
    huba 1
    mrlock 1
    under 1
    cliff 1
    city 14
    city 9
    city 2
    tower 7
    tower 1
    add 1
    conectc 1
    tomb 1
    boss 2
    htorm 1
    piston 1
    sunrm 1
    intvaly 1
    fill 1
    stone 10
    stone 5
    stone 1
    skinnr 9
    skinnr 1
    skinnr 7
    out 4
    out 1
    cathy 68
    cathy 49
    cathy 47
    cathy 42
    cathy 19
    cathy 8
    cathy 5
    cathy 3
    cathy 1
    tompil 3
    pillars 9
    pillars 4
    pillars 3
    oracle 22
    oracle 18
    oracle 17
    oracle 15
    oracle 13
    oracle 10
    oracle 5
    oracle 3
    oracle's cave
    nightb 5
    nightb 3
    nighta 4
    nighta 2
    nighta 1
    aluka 29
    aluka 27
    aluka 19
    aluka 12
    aluka 8
    aluka 6
    aluka 4
    aluka 1

    Cheat mode:
    Press [Esc] and enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function. Note: You must be playing the game with the keyboard controls.

    Effect Code
    Refill health 364141
    Upgrade health to next level 271543
    Maximum health 263434
    Refill magic 221523
    Maximum magic 5232451
    Hurt Raziel 16443
    Pass through barriers 3661254
    Wall climbing 538243
    Force projectile 126121
    Swim ability 4632614
    Constrict ability 34226443
    Soul Reaver 35822331532
    Fire Reaver 342431623
    Make Fire Reaver 52364
    Aerial Reaver 724451124
    Kain Reaver 76251124
    Shift at any time 4432216213
    Force Glyph 31534
    Sound Glyph 2236443
    Stone Glyph 3641322
    Water Glyph 36432
    Fire Glyph 4424582
    Sunlight Glyph 16122441
    Toggle active cheats 1324

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