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PC Cheat Codes - Max Payne 2- The Fall of Max Payne

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Max Payne 2- The Fall of Max Payne PC Cheat Codes

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    Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne

    Cheat Code:
    Use the -developer switch to start Max Payne 2. Once in the game, press the ~ key to bring down the console, and enter "coder" to get get god mode, all weapons, and infinite ammo.

    More Cheat Codes:
    Use the -developer switch to start Max Payne 2. (For example, create a shortcut: "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 2\MaxPayne2.exe" -developer)

    Then run the game, press "~" to bring down the console, and enter the following cheats:

    clear - Clear console screen
    clr - Clear console screen
    coder - God mode, all weapons, inifinite ammo
    god - God Mode
    mortal - disable god mod
    getallweapons - Get all weapons
    quit - quit game
    showfps - Show fps rate
    showextendedfps - Show extended fps rate
    getberetta - Get beretta with 1000 ammo
    getbullettime - Put player into bullettime
    getcoltcommando - Get coltcommando with 1000 ammo
    getdeserteagle - Get Desert Eagle with 1000 ammo
    getdragunov - Get Dragunov with 1000 ammo
    getgraphicsnovelpart1 - Fill in part of the story line
    getgraphicsnovelpart2 - Fill in part of the story line
    getgraphicsnovelpart3 - Fill in part of the story line
    gethealth - Get 1000 health
    getingram - Get Ingram with 1000 ammo
    getkalashnikov - Get Kalashnikov with 1000 ammo
    getmolotov - Get Molotov cocktail with 1000 ammo
    getmp5 - Get MP5 with 1000 ammo
    getpainkillers - Get 1000 painkillers
    getpumpshotgun - Get pumpshotgun with 1000 ammo
    getsawedshotgun - Get sawed-off shotgun with 1000 ammo
    getsniper - Get sniper gun with 1000 ammo
    getstriker - Get striker gun with 1000 ammo
    jump10 - Jump 10 high
    jump20 - Jump 20 high
    jump30 - Jump 30 high
    showhud - Turn on HUD
    help - Much more debug commands

    Nude Mona:
    1) Make a shortcut to the game's exe file.
    2) Change the Target field to this: "C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Max Payne 2\MaxPayne2.exe" -developerkeys -screenshot
    3) Start a new game or load one you have saved.
    4) Use PAGE UP/PAGE DOWN to scroll through models until you get to Nude Mona. You will get Nude Mona quicker if you use PAGE UP.

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