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    Diseases - Cures:
    Achy head Magic Goop
    Bloaty Belly Flat-u-less Tabs
    Blurred vision Wear extra thick goggles
    Crick neck Wear neck brace
    Hoochie coochies Vitamin pills
    Itchy Scratchies Itchy scratchy Cream
    Grumbles Grumble-gone tabs

    Lumps Mud bath
    Neogitus Medicinal tooth brush
    Sneezles A magic cookie
    Shaky Flakys Shaky Flaky cream

    Brown 1 Negg Tokens
    Purple 2 Negg Tokens
    Green 3 Negg Tokens
    Orange 4 Negg Tokens
    Ice 4 Negg Tokens
    Pink 5 Negg Tokens
    Blue 5 Negg Tokens
    Rainbow 6 Negg Tokens
    Yellow 6 Negg Tokens
    Rainbow Vanilla 9 Negg Tokens
    Punegg 9 Negg Tokens
    Tokens Fish 20 Negg Tokens
    Fish 50 Negg Tokens

    Esophagor To win, finish any of the quests.
    Fire Faerie Just win Gornbal
    Edna To win, finish any of her quests.
    Jelly Chia Head for the Gallery of Evil and search
    Pants Devil Wait for him to steal something.
    Spider Grundo Head for the Gallery of Evil and search

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