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NFL Blitz 2000 PC Cheat Codes

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    NFL Blitz 2000

    Various Cheats:
    Entering the #-#-# Direction codes
    At the versus screen, press Turbo, Jump, and Pass to change the icons below the helmets. The numbers in the following codes indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad in the indicated direction to enable the code.
    Allow stepping out of bounds
    2-1-1 Left
    Always be receiver
    2-2-2 Right
    Always quarterback
    2-2-2 Left
    Asphalt field
    3-0-1 Up
    Astroturf field
    3-0-3 Up
    Big football
    0-5-0 Right
    Big heads
    2-0-0 Right
    City stadium
    5-0-1 Left
    Custom playbook
    1-2-2 Left
    Day stadium
    5-0-1 Down
    Dirt field
    3-0-2 Up
    Fast passes
    2-5-0 Left
    Fast turbo running
    0-3-2 Left
    Fog on
    0-3-0 Down
    Grass field
    3-0-0 Up
    Headless team
    1-2-3 Right
    Hide receiver name
    1-0-2 Right
    Huge heads
    0-4-0 Up
    Hyper blitz
    5-5-5 Up
    Infinite turbo
    5-1-4 Up
    4-3-3 Up
    Invisible receiver highlight
    3-3-3 Left
    Late hits
    0-1-0 Up
    Night game
    0-2-2 Right
    Night stadium
    5-0-2 Down
    No CPU assistance
    0-1-2 Down
    No first downs
    2-1-0 Up
    No heads
    3-2-1 Left
    No interceptions
    3-4-4 Up
    No play selection
    1-1-5 Left
    No punting
    1-5-1 Up
    No random fumbles
    4-2-3 Down
    Old time night stadium
    5-0-2 Up
    Old time snow stadium
    5-0-3 Up
    Old time stadium
    5-0-1 Up
    Play as Beth
    BETH ; 7761
    Power-up blockers
    3-1-2 Left
    Power-up defense
    4-2-1 Up
    Power-up offense
    3-1-2 Up
    Power-up speed
    4-0-4 Left
    Power-up teammates
    2-3-3 Up
    Roman stadium
    5-0-3 Left
    Show field goal %
    0-0-1 Down
    Show more field
    0-2-1 Right
    Show punt hang meter
    0-0-1 Right
    Smart CPU opponent
    3-1-4 Down
    Snow field
    3-0-4 Up
    Snow stadium
    5-0-3 Down
    Super blitzing
    0-4-5 Up
    Super field goals
    1-2-3 Left
    Team big heads
    2-0-3 Right
    Team big players
    1-4-1 Right
    Team tiny players
    3-1-0 Right
    Thick fog on
    0-4-1 Down
    Tournament mode
    1-1-1 Down
    Turn off stadium
    5-0-0 Left
    Use team plays
    1-0-0 Up

    Weather: clear
    2-1-1 Left
    Weather: rain
    5-5-5 Right
    Weather: snow
    5-2-5 Down

    Secret Characters:
    At the name enter screen, type these names and PINs to reveal secret character

    Play as Billz
    BILLZ ; 0526
    Play as Brian
    BRIAN ; 0818
    Play as D.B.N.
    DBN ; 6969
    Play as Dan Forden
    FORDEN - 1111
    Play as Dan Thompson
    DANIEL - 0604
    Play as Ed
    ED ; 3246
    Play as Gatson
    GATSON ; 1111
    Play as Gene
    GENE ; 0310
    Play as Guido
    GUIDO ; 6765
    Play as Headless Guy
    CARLTN - 1111
    Play as Jason Skiles
    JASON - 3141
    Play as Jeff Johnson
    JAPPLE - 6660
    Play as Jennifer Hedrick
    JENIFR - 3333
    Play as Jim Gentile
    GENTIL - 1111
    Play as Jimk
    JIMK ; 5651
    Play as John
    JOHN ; 5158
    Play as John Root
    ROOT - 6000
    Play as Josh
    JOSH ; 4288
    Play as LT
    LT ; 7777
    Play as Luis Mangubat
    LUIS - 3333
    Play as Mark Turmell
    TURMEL - 0322
    Play as Marka
    MARKA ; 1112
    Play as Mike Lynch
    MIKE - 3333
    Play as Mitch
    MITCH ; 4393
    Play as Monty
    MONTY ; 1836
    Play as Nico
    NICO ; 4440
    Play as Paula
    PAULA ; 0425
    Play as Paulo
    PAULO ; 0517
    Play as Rayden from Mortal Kombat
    RAIDEN - 3691
    Play as Rog
    ROG ; 8148
    Play as Ryan
    RYAN ; 1029
    Play as Sal Divita
    SAL - 0201
    Play as Shinnok from Mortal Kombat
    SHINOK - 8337
    Play as Shun
    SHUN ; 0530
    Play as The Grinch
    GRINCH ; 2220
    Play as Thug
    THUG ; 1111
    Play as Todd
    TODD ; 1122
    Play as Van
    VAN ; 1234
    Play as ZZ
    ZZ - 1221
    Play as a skull
    SKULL - 1111
    Play as a smiley-face
    SMILE ; 1111
    Play as brains
    BRAIN - 1111

    Get Raiden from mortal combats hat as a helmet:
    Go arcade mode and say yes that you want to keep a record. Next type your name in as raiden and put in the code 3691

    T-Rex head:
    Hit arcade mode and enter your name for record keeping as TREX pin number 1111

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