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Rage of Mages 2 PC Cheat Codes

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    Rage of Mages 2

    Cheat Codes:
    If you want to type the cheat code of rage of mages 2 first press [Enter] at a game map then type ##Coward or #Coward , then type one of the following cheat codes:
    #create(any number)gold
    #modify self+god
    #modify army+god
    #pickup all
    #create Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Sword
    #event (any number)
    #modify self+spell
    #modify self+spells
    #modify army+spells
    #modify army+spell
    #kill all
    #pickup all
    #show map
    #hide map
    #event (Unit conversations)

    Cool Items for #create:
    Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Sword
    Very Rare Crystal Long Sword
    Very Rare Crystal Two Handed Axe
    Very Rare Crystal Axe
    Very Rare Crystal Mace
    Very Rare Crystal War Hammer
    Very Rare Crystal Pike
    Very Rare Crystal Morning Star
    Very Rare Crystal Cuirass
    Very Rare Crystal Plate Bracers
    Very Rare Crystal Amulet
    Very Rare Crystal Ring
    Very Rare Crystal Plate Helm
    Very Rare Crystal Plate Boots
    Very Rare Crystal Scale Gauntlets
    Very Rare Dragon Leather Large Shield
    Very Rare Dragon Leather Small Shield
    Very Rare Dragon Leather Boots
    Very Rare Dragon Leather Helm
    Very Rare Dragon Leather Bracers
    Very Rare Dragon Leather Gauntlets
    Very Rare Dragon Leather Mail
    Very Rare Meteoric Two Handed Sword
    Very Rare Meteoric Cuirass
    Very Rare Meteoric Helm

    Mage Items:
    None Gloves
    None Robe
    None Cloak
    None Shoes
    None Dress
    None Cap
    None Cape
    None Hat

    Unknown Codes:
    #kill cheaters
    #modify self+knowledge
    #modify army+knowledge
    #summon hero

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