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PC Cheat Codes - Savage- The Battle for Newerth

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Savage- The Battle for Newerth PC Cheat Codes

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    Savage: The Battle for Newerth

    Cheat List:
    Press ` during gameplay. Then type in one of the phrases below and press ENTER to activate it.
    Call for vote: callvote
    Commit suicide: kill
    Destroy indicated object: destroy [object name]
    Display game information: getgameinfo
    Enter bulding: enterbuilding
    Extra experience: giveexp
    Extra money: givemoney
    Extra money (player): giveplayermoney
    Extra money for selected player: giveseletedplayermoney
    Extra resources: giveresource
    Kicks you from game: kick
    Quit game: endgame
    Take screenshot: screenshot
    Spawn item: give [item name]

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