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Soldier of Fortune PC Cheat Codes

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    Soldier of Fortune

    How to bring up the console:
    Many cheats here require the "Console" to be brought up, but none says how to get the console up. From start, you can not bring the console up. Here is how to do it.
    First of all, rightclick on your Soldier of Fortune shortcut icon on the desktop if you have one, otherwise use explorer to find your SoF folder in Start menu.
    Click on the Shortcut tab if not already up.
    It will show (an example):
    Type: Program
    Place: SoF
    Name: C:\Games\SoF\Sof.exe
    Now this is what you have to do.
    Click on the Name: window and after C:\Games\SoF\Sof.exe, type:
    +set console 1
    It should read:
    C:\Games\SoF\SoF.exe +set console 1

    And then try to start the game and see if you can bring up the Console by pressing ~ (tilde).

    If it does not work, you might need to do yet another thing to
    make this work.
    (In my example I will use the C key for bringing up the Console.)

    Open file explorer and go to your SoF directory.

    Now go in to the "user" folder. Open "config.cfg" with for example Notepad.

    In this file you will see all your keys bindings, such as R for "Reload" and so on.

    place the cursor after the line:
    bind B "wave 2"
    and type:
    bind C "toggleconsole"

    save the file.
    This should make your C key to bring up the console in-game.

    NOTE: There is also a folder called "configs", you may need to open the file in there and do the same change to it as above.

    Now when you have got your Console to work, feel free to run around in God-mode with all weapons and kill everything without ever having to worry about dying.. Have fun...

    Press ~ to bring up the console then put in one of these cheats

    heretic - Invincibility

    ninja - Invisible to enemies

    phantom - Go through walls

    bigelbow - Get all weapons

    killallmonsters - Eliminate all enemies

    updateinvfinal - Get Ammo

    defaultweapons - Get default weapons

    elbow - Get Weapons 1-5

    matrix [1-10] - Slow motion mode

    gimme [Item] - Spawn item

    Map # - Go to map # (use a map name below for #)

    sud1, sud2, sud3, jpn1, jpn2, jpn3, tut1, tsr1, tsr2, trn1, arm1, arm2, arm3, kos1, kos2, kos3, sib1, sib2, sib3, irq1a, irq1b, irq2a, irq2b, irq3a, irq3b, ger1, ger2, ger3, ger4, nyc1, nyc2, nyc3

    Various Cheats:
    Invincibility god
    No clipping mode noclip
    Invisible to enemies notarget
    Slow motion timescale .4
    .44 pistol givemoretutorial
    Sniper rifle givesnipertutorial
    All weapons weapontest

    Use code spawn with these items.

    Example spawn item_weapon_assault_rifle


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