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Star Trek- Armada 2 PC Cheat Codes

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    Star Trek: Armada 2 Various Cheats: During gameplay press ENTER then input a code below and press ENTER again showmethemoney - More Dilithium phonehome - chat list nomoreships - Science ships gone for enemy avoidance - Fast crew production kobayashimaru - Skip mission kobayashimaru_lost - Lose mission imouttastepwithreality - Goto gamma quadrant bradcast - ?? directed - ?? canofwhoopass - Better enemy AI screwyouguysimgoinghome - Multiplayer boot list Get 2000 Dilithium: Press ENTER to get the comm screen, then type showmethemoney Hex Cheats: Open the RTS_CFG.H file. Go to the line under difficulty settings and modify the line to says what you want. // // DIFFICULTY SETTINGS // // Damage coefficients for incoming damage for user in single player float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.5; float HARD_DAMAGE = 2.0; If you set it to 0 your ships will not be damaged. However some nebulas still damage the ships if you leave them in it to long. Invincibility: change the values below to the following float EASY_DAMAGE = 0.0; float HARD_DAMAGE = 0.0; Edit the "int cfgMaxDilithium" value to change the maximum amount Dilithium that can be mined. Edit the "int cfgMaxOfficers" value to change the maximum amount of officers. Edit the "int cfgMaxCrew" value to change the maximum number of crew members. Edit the "int cfgStartingDilithium" to change the initial amount of Dilithium available. Edit the "int cfgStartingCrew" to change the initial number of crew members.

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