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Triple Play 2001 PC Cheat Codes

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    Sounds for Your Homerun:
    While running around the bases hit S, W or A (air horns), D (whistle)
    Large Players Mode:
    Simply hit a homerun with a player over 250 lbs. This is usually Babe Ruth or a Hefty Created Player.

    Babe Ruth:
    message: To unlock Babe Ruth and make him available in the Free Agent Pool. You must hit a home run with the PITCHER. It can be a created pitcher just create one that has the ability to hit homeruns.

    Island Stadium:
    To reveal a secret stadium called "Island Stadium" usable in Exhibition Mode simply score 3 or more runs at the Giants New PAC BELL PARK.

    Cy Young:
    To release Cy Young and make him available for the Free Agent Market.

    You must throw 5 innings or more of shutout ball (can't let the other team score basically) or WIN 25+ games with the SAME pitcher in Season Mode.

    Satchel Paige:
    To get Satchel Paige in the free agent pool,strike out 5 batters in a row with the same pitcher in the same game.

    Mickey Mantle:
    All you have to do to get Mickey Mantle in season mode is hit a grand slam with anyone and after the game the Mick will be in the free agent pool, and he maybe the best player on the whole game.

    Jackie Robinson:
    Steal 5 bases in a single game and you will unlock Jackie.

    Flaming Ball:
    Strike out 9 batters in a game and you will get the Flaming Ball reward.

    Get StrongArm:
    Turn a TriplePlay

    Get Power Up Speed:
    Steal 6 or more times in one game

    Ernie Banks:
    Get six double plays in one game in season mode to unlock Ernie Banks.

    Eddie Murry:
    Hit a homerun from both sides of the plate with a switch hitter in one game to get Eddie Murry.

    Jackie Robinson:
    Steal second and third with the same player in a game in season mode get Jackie Robinson.

    Harmon Killebrew:
    Hit three homeruns over 500 feet in one game in season mode get Harmon Killebrew

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