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Ultima 9 PC Cheat Codes

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    How to get a black rock sword and flame armour:
    Delete everything under [COMBAT COMMANDS] (you will find this if you go into notepad and open default.kmp which you will find were ever you installed ultima 9) and type in ALT+SHIFT+SPACE+FI=GIVE_AVATAR_BLACKROCKSWORDANDFLAMEARMOUR and then save that and than open your save gave and your armour and sword will be replaced by the black rock sword and flame armour!
    NOTE: you can not get flame armour in the game without cheating

    Hex Cheats:
    In the Ultima 9 directory there is a file called default.kmp. When opened in a standard wordpad or other text editor you will find the following text line:

    [Cheat Commands]

    Simply add the following lines underneath it:

    alt+shift+i = toggle_avatar_invulnerable
    alt+shift+a = toggle_avatar_invulnerable
    alt+shift+b = pass_one_hour
    alt+shift+c = unpass_one_hour
    alt+shift+d = sunrise_sunset
    alt+shift+e = pass_one_minute
    alt+shift+f = unpass_one_minute
    alt+shift+g = toggle_sun
    alt+shift+h = toggle_wind
    alt+shift+i = toggle_storms
    alt+shift+j = toggle_avatar_fast
    alt+shift+k = toggle_avatar_fly

    During game play the corresponding keys (alt+shift+i & alt+shift+l) will activate the cheat functions.

    Invincibility mode [Alt] + [Shift] + A
    Advance Time one hour [Alt] + [Shift] + B
    Time retreats one hour [Alt] + [Shift] + C
    Toggle sunrise and sunset [Alt] + [Shift] + D
    Time advances one minute [Alt] + [Shift] + E
    Time retreats one minute [Alt] + [Shift] + F
    Toggle sun [Alt] + [Shift] + G
    Toggle wind [Alt] + [Shift] + H
    Toggle storms [Alt] + [Shift] + I
    Faster Avatar [Alt] + [Shift] + J
    Flight mode [Alt] + [Shift] + K
    Fill Mana [Alt] + [Shift] + S
    Fill Spellbook [Alt] + [Shift] + W

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Todays Hot Cheat - Wetrix

Raise/Lower Water:
At the main menu press and hold:
c-down or c-up
This will allow you to bring up or down a whirlpool of water. While still holding a button, the analog stick makes it possible to move the whirlpool.
Change Floor/Background:
After finishing the sixteen practice rounds goto the options menu. Choose the floor option and you will be allowed to alter the floor and background designs and colors.

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