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Urban Chaos PC Cheat Codes

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    Fire Elemental:
    First,start a game.Then press F9 and enter BANGUNSNOTGAMES in the console.This will make u invulnerable.Then press 7 until u see a
    fire effect,as "firewall".Then walk into the fire,and you will be a fire elemental!
    And u won`t die!At least not for a while.
    Info submitted by Pzycho on Saturday, January 8, 2000 at 08:02:56
    Skip Level:
    During Play press Enter + Esc + Up. You will be able to save the game and it will indicate you have beaten the level.

    Various Cheats:
    Press F9 then type in BANGUNSNOTGAMES to enter debug mode. Then type one of these cheats by pressing F9 then enetering a code below

    BOO Cluster of explosions
    CRINKLES Turn Crinkles on/off
    DARCI Control Officer D'arci
    ROPER Control Roper
    FADE # Sets fog fade level where # is any number
    WORLD Select music
    AMBIENT # # # Set ambient light (R,G,B)
    WIN Win the level
    LOSE Lose the level
    CCTV Everything turns fluorescent green
    TELW # Go to important game point #
    TELS Save a waypont on map
    TELR Return to saved waypoint

    Just press the following keys for these simple cheats:
    Q Show car paths
    W Make rain ripples
    E Make random vehicle
    R Make explosive barrell
    I Show pedestrian walking areas
    [ Toggle enemy view
    ] Toggle enemy view
    P Enemy view on/off
    ; Slow motion
    ' Pause action
    > Fart smoke
    / Stealth Debug
    CTRL Show statistics
    G Move forward 10 feet or onto ledge
    J Coordinates grib show
    L Create light
    F11 Clouds on/off
    F12 Creates game weapons
    F3 Exits game
    Keypad 7 Select game effect
    Keypad 5 Execute game effect
    Keypad 3 Weird orange fog

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Todays Hot Cheat - Wetrix

Raise/Lower Water:
At the main menu press and hold:
c-down or c-up
This will allow you to bring up or down a whirlpool of water. While still holding a button, the analog stick makes it possible to move the whirlpool.
Change Floor/Background:
After finishing the sixteen practice rounds goto the options menu. Choose the floor option and you will be allowed to alter the floor and background designs and colors.

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