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Whiplash PC Cheat Codes

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    Use these codes as your player name.
    Name Description
    SUPERMAN Makes your car invulnerable
    CUPWON See the end of championship sequence
    CINEMA Play in widescreen
    FORMULA1 Access alternate cars
    MREPRISE Access to the bonus set of tracks
    MRFROSTY Tracks become very slippery
    WARGATE Cars warp
    2X4B523P Get Car w/ Full Stats
    TINKLE Get Car w/ Full Stats
    SUICYCO Get Car w/ Full Stats
    MAYTE Get Car w/ Full Stats
    LOVEBUN Extra Car
    DR DEATH Destruct Mode
    I WON Show End Sequence
    ROLL EM Show Credits
    Duel Pro Opponents
    GOLDBOY Premier Track Cup Set
    TOPTUNES New Sounds
    MR ZOOM Speed Up Game
    TACHYONS Fastest Game
    TINYTOTS Thin Cars
    YOTARACE Large Tracks
    FREAKY Brown & Black
    REMOVE Disable Cheats

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Todays Hot Cheat - Wetrix

Raise/Lower Water:
At the main menu press and hold:
c-down or c-up
This will allow you to bring up or down a whirlpool of water. While still holding a button, the analog stick makes it possible to move the whirlpool.
Change Floor/Background:
After finishing the sixteen practice rounds goto the options menu. Choose the floor option and you will be allowed to alter the floor and background designs and colors.

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Bondage Swingers

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