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WWE Raw is War PC Cheat Codes

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    Beat the game in hard with Y2J and get rob van dam.

    Fred Durst:
    To get Fred Durst get all the belts

    Shane Is War:
    To get Shane get the hardcore belt

    Raw Is Stef:
    To get Stephanie get the wwf women belt

    Raw Is Vince:
    To get vince get the wwf heavyweight belt

    Linda McMahon:
    To get Linda McMahon, win wwf title with undertaker on hard difficulty

    Kurt Angle's "Real" Medals:
    When Kurt Angle comes out interfere, knock his medals off and hit him with his medals until he spits out the real medals. It may take a while.

    Glitch: Stack Tables:
    To stack tables you need to put two tables in the ring and then put the first table near the ropes where you can't push it any farther and then keep pushing the second table to the first table and eventually after a few minutes a glitch will happen and the tables will get stacked.

    Hint: It always doesn't work so you must have patience!

    View the Titantron:
    Press X as someone is coming down the ramp and you can watch there entrance video.

    Christian's Glasses:
    To get Christian's glasses, you must interfere while he's coming out and then beat him up until his glasses fall off. Pick them up and they're NEW!!

    Undertaker's bandana:
    Attack the Undertaker as he comes down the ramp to use his bandana.

    K-Kwik's Mic:
    Attack K-Kwik while he is coming down the ramp to get his mic.

    Spike's Glasses , Crash Holly's Hat:
    You can get Spike's glasses by interfering when he's coming to the ring then punch and kick him a couple of times and you can wear his glasses.

    You can get Crash Holly's Hat by interfering when he's coming to the ring , then beat him up a couple times and his hat will fall off then you can wear it.

    TEAM EXTREME- go into tag match an choose Jeff and Matt Hardy, then when u go to the manager menu choose Lita and all 3 of them will come out together.

    kaientai- choose funaki an taka as a team or one of them to be a single match manager and they will come out together.

    in a single match choose triple as as ur character an stephanie as a manager and they will come out together.

    XFACTOR-im not sure yet but if u put xpac, justin C, and prince albert together as a tag team they will come out together.

    DUDLEYS-put them together in a tagteam match an they will come out together as the dudley boys. think u cant put spike as a manager for them for all 3 to come out together.

    E&C- put edge and christian together as a single match character an manager or tag team partners and they will come out together.

    Tripple h's water bottle:
    To get tripple h's water bottle attack him on the way to the ring an the pick it up and you can use his water bottle

    Justin credible's spiked necklace:
    Attack justin credible when he is coming into the arena and you will have is heavy metal spiked necklace

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At the starting line hold A and B. Just as the announcer says GO let go of the B button only for a turbo start.
Get The China Town Jam Track
In Grand Prix mode with the Expert difficulty get first place on each course, and you will have the China Town Jam Track.
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