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Arcade Party Pack Playstation Cheat Codes

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    Arcade Party Pack
    Game Shark Codes
    Infinite Money 801E3E08 0064
    Infinite Time 801E40FC 007F
    Max Score D01E3DE0 0000
    801E3DE0 FFFF
    Max Score P1 80189E60 FFFF
    Infinite Drop Meter P1 80189E94 0000
    Quick Win P1 (When Counting Klax) 80189FD8 0000
    Max Score P2 80189E64 FFFF
    Infinite Drop Meter P2 80189E96 0000
    Quick Win P2 (When Counting Klax) 80189FDC 0000
    Infinite Health All Players 800A4E86 2400
    Smash TV
    Infinite Lives P1 801A8C64 0009
    Weapon Modifier P1 8019771C 00??
    Infinite Lives P2 801A8C9C 0009
    Weapon Modifier P2 80197CBC 00??
    Infinite Lives P1 & P2 80089E8E 2400
    Add a Life Instead of Losing One P1 & P2 80089E88 0001
    Infinite Cans P1 300F944A 0006
    Infinite Patches P1 300F9732 0003
    Max Score P1 D00F9B20 0000
    800F9B20 FFFF
    Infinite Cans P2 300F944B 0006
    Infinite Patches P2 300F9733 0003
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Codes
    00 - Normal Gun
    01 - Spreader
    02 - Grenade Gun
    03 - Bomb Gun
    04 - Rocket Launcher

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Todays Hot Cheat - Duke Nukem

Cheat Menu On the Title Screen, press Left, Left, L Button, L Button, Right, Right, Left, Left.
All Items
On the Title screen, press R Button, Right C, Right, L Button, Left C, Left, Right C, Right.
No Monsters
This code turns the monsters on or off in the Levels. To access this code, first enter the Cheat Menu code. Stay on the Title screen, and press the L Button, Left C, Left, R Button, Right C, Right, Left, Left.
This code only lets you die if you are severly injured. To enter the code, first enter the Cheat Menu code. Stay on the Title screen and press the R Button 7 times, then Left on the Control Pad.

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