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Battle Arena Toshinden 3 Playstation Cheat Codes

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    Battle Arena Toshinden 3

    Battle Arena Toshinden 3
    Play as sub-bosses
    Beat the game with each basic character on level three or higher to unlock his or her sub-boss.
    Play as Shou
    Unlock all the sub-bosses, then beat the game with Vermilion on level three or higher.
    Play as Abel
    Beat the game with Shou on level seven.
    Play as Veil
    Beat the game with Abel on level seven.
    Play as Naru
    Beat the game with Veil on level seven.
    Alternate costumes
    Beat the game with Naru on level seven. Then, highlight a character and press Square or X.
    Instant secret moves
    Beat the game with Naru, then set two or more of the shoulder buttons to special moves. Press all special move buttons at once to perform a secret move. Note: This does not work for all characters.
    Remove display
    Pause the game, hold Circle + Triangle + Square + X and press Select. Then, the continue, options and reset selections will be removed. While continuing to hold the four buttons, press Select again. The Life and Over Drive bars will now be removed. To return the display to normal, repeat the code while pressing Select once.
    Unlimited Soul Bombs
    Pause the game, then use the controller configuration option to map the L1, L2, R1, and R2 keys to Soul Bombs. Resume the game and press one of the those buttons and X simultaneously to release a Soul Bomb. That button combination may be pressed an unlimited amount of times during the match.
    Random select
    At the character selection screen, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Square, Triangle, X, or Circle while the selection box is moving.
    Manual camera control
    Enter the button configuration menu, highlight any shoulder button, and press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2. Then, the controls for the shoulder buttons will change to camera view controls. The view may now be manually rotated.
    Control loading screen
    At the loading screen, press any controller button to alter the color of the phrase "Now Loading".
    Game Shark Codes
    Infinite Health P1 80120DE0 0008
    80120DE2 3201
    80120DE8 0002
    80120DEA 1420
    Infinite Bombs P1 801273A4 0008
    801273A6 3201
    801273AC 0003
    801273AE 1420
    Infinite Purple Bar P1 801B2A68 00D8
    Infinite Onerdrive Meter on Fill-Up P1 801213A0 0008
    801213A2 3201
    801213B4 000C
    801213B6 1420
    80121368 0008
    8012136A 3201
    80121378 0006
    8012137A 1420
    Infinite Health P2 80120DE0 0008
    80120DE2 3201
    80120DE8 0002
    80120DEA 1020
    Infinite Bombs P2 801273A4 0008
    801273A6 3201
    801273AC 0003
    801273AE 1020
    Infinite Purple Bar P2 801B2A6A 00D8
    Infinite Onerdrive Meter on Fill-Up P2 801213A0 0008
    801213A2 3201
    801213B4 000C
    801213B6 1020
    80121368 0008
    8012136A 3201
    80121378 0006
    8012137A 1020
    Infinite Health P1 & P2 80120DF0 0000
    Infinite Bombs P1 & P2 801273BC 0000
    Infinite Bullets P1 & P2 80126918 0000
    Infinite Onerdrive Meter on Fill-Up P1 & P2 8012138C 0000
    801213DC 0000
    Slow Motion 801A0128 5AC6
    Stop Battle Timer 8011AACA 2400
    View Modifier 8017B454 00??
    Unlock Schultz 3017D178 0001
    Unlock Tau 3017D174 0001
    Unlock Atahua 3017D172 0001
    Unlock Leon 3017D164 0001
    Unlock Judgement 3017D17A 0001
    Unlock Zola 3017D168 0001
    Unlock Toujin 3017D16E 0001
    Unlock Adam 3017D16A 0001
    Unlock Balga 3017D170 0001
    Unlock Miss Til 3017D17E 0001
    Unlock Ten Count 3017D166 0001
    Unlock Vermilion 3017D17C 0001
    Unlock Rachael 3017D176 0001
    Unlock Cuiling 3017D16C 0001
    Unlock Sho 3017D180 0001
    Unlock Abel 3017D182 0001
    Unlock Veil 3017D186 0001
    Unlock Naru 3017D184 0001
    Quantity Digits to Accompany View Modifier Code
    00 - Normal
    01 - Long View
    02 - Sky View
    03 - Overhead
    04 - Player

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