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Metal Gear Solid Playstation Cheat Codes

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    Metal Gear Solid

    Metal Gear Solid
    Enter the following codes
    800B7538 03E7 800B754C 03E7
    Get Nikita
    800B7560 0001
    Have C.Box B
    800B7562 0001
    Have C.Box C
    800B755C 0001
    Have Scope
    800B755E 0001
    Have C.Box A
    800B753A 03E7 800B754E 03E7
    Get Stinger
    800B7544 03E7 800B7558 03E7
    Get Sniper rifle
    800B755A 0001
    Have Cigs
    800B753C 03E7 800B7550 03E7
    Have Claymore Mines
    800B7534 03E7 800B7548 03E7
    Get Famas
    800B7536 03E7 800B754A 03E7
    Get grenades
    800B7540 03E7 800B7554 03E7
    Have stun grenades
    800B753E 03E7 800B7552 03E7
    Have C4
    800B7532 03E7 800B7546 03E7
    Have Socom Pistol
    800B7564 0001
    Have N.V.G.
    800B7542 03E7 800B7556 03E7
    Get Chaff Grenades
    800B7566 0001
    Have Therm.G
    800B7568 0001
    Have Gas Mask
    800B756A 0001
    Have B.Armor
    800B756C 0001
    Have Ketchup
    800B756E 0001
    Have Stealth
    800B7570 0001
    Have Bandana
    800B7572 0001
    Have Camera
    800B7574 03E7 800B758A 03E7
    Have 255 Rations
    800B7576 03E7 800B758C 03E7
    Have 255 Medicine
    800B7578 03E7 800B758E 03E7
    Have 255 Diazepam
    800B757A 0001
    Have PAL Key
    800B757C 0064
    Have Level 100 Key Card
    800B757E 0000
    Never Have Time Bomb
    800B7580 0001
    Have Mine Detector
    800B7582 0001
    Have MO Disc
    800B7584 0001
    Have Rope
    800B7586 0001
    Have Handker
    800B7588 0000
    Have Suppressor Active
    800B7526 0600
    Infinite Life
    800B7528 0600
    Max Life
    800AE1AC 03E7
    Infinite Air
    800AE188 0000 800AE18A 0000
    Ghost Mode
    800B752A 0000
    Never Get A Cold
    800AE178 0000
    Radar Not Jammed When Spotted
    d00b2d600008 800b759a0000
    Press R1 For Normal PAL Key
    d00b2d600002 800b759a0001
    Press R2 For Hot PAL Key
    d00b2d600004 800b759a0002
    Press L1 For Cold PAL Key
    d00b2d580008 800b75920000
    Press R1 For Normal PAL Key
    d00b2d580002 800b75920001
    Press R2 For Hot PAL Key
    d00b2d580004 800b75920002
    Press L1 For Cold PAL Key
    d00b2d580004 800b75920002
    Press L1 For Cold PAL Key
    Beat the game to do the following
    you will get a secret code name.
    if you submit during torture then meryl will die and you willget
    stealth,or invisibility
    if you do no submit during torure
    then you will bet a bandana from Meryl which will give you unlimited amo
    beat the game twice and start a third game
    the third time that you begin your mission you when you enter the elevator he will change into his tuxedo
    When you get the tux, beat it 3 more times. On the third time, kill every gaurd with your hands. When you get to the sewer room ( the place with the cameras and the waterfall)Look for a hole in the rail and fall through it.
    Kill the Liquid snake and keep going and kill the ghost and you will get the vapor snake.

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