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NCAA Football 99 Playstation Cheat Codes

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    NCAA Football 99

    NCAA Football 99
    Hidden teams:
    At the user profile screen enter a code. If successful, "It's in the game" will be heard. Return to the main screen and choose exhibition mode and you will begin the game with the team you have chosen. Good Luck!
    Team Code
    1973 Alabama AJNADS
    1978 Alabama DDPELOP
    1992 Alabama CJOEOR
    1989 Colorado BDAORN
    1996 Florida OMJIER
    1993 Florida State JROONB
    1988 Ucla GRUSBL
    1982 Georgia ISTME
    1983 Miami MDAADND
    1986 Miami HMOEL
    1987 Miami JDALCK
    1989 Miami NJOH
    1991 Miami VSAEN
    1992 Miami SICAH
    1994 Miami LEDIWS
    1965 Michigan State WRIFA
    1991 Michigan MFAEN
    1983 Nebraska SJCOH
    1991 Nebraska TEWGT
    1993 Nebraska HEREWG
    1994 Nebraska SDWA
    1973 Notre Dame CGEO
    1988 Notre Dame CSH
    1989 Notre Dame DAMYNO
    1968 Ohio State POEWRO
    1979 Ohio State RJOTNH
    1985 Oklahoma ZULU1
    1987 Oklahoma TANDGWO
    1994 Oregon SDAIL
    1978 Penn State SFAEYT
    1982 Penn State SJOI
    1985 Penn State GNAMS
    1986 Penn State REERM
    1994 Penn State OLUTP
    1965 UCLA ITAGM
    1968 USC QSULI
    1979 USC HSBE
    1991 Washington TJUO
    1988 West Virginia GHEOMO
    1985 Alabama DPUAT
    1975 Arizona State CLICK
    1969 Arkansas JGOBE
    1946 Army CURLNB
    1985 Auburn VSAG
    1981 Clemson PZKPI
    1976 Georgia OPLTO
    1959 Lsu BJRAO
    1984 Miami FERT
    1973 Michigan PSAPM
    1997 Michigan PWARSS
    1966 Michigan State SWEEPRT
    1982 Stanford KEORH
    1971 Nebraska DOEFL
    1975 Nebraska FIRELT
    1997 Nebraska QAULI
    1981 North Carolina SEDEF
    1946 Notre Dame FOLTA
    1957 Notre Dame KPEAL
    1966 Notre Dame PSAON
    1974 Notre Dame JDEMI
    1970 Ohio State CAUSE
    1973 Ohio State MDAVI
    1957 Oklahoma SLANTG
    1971 Oklahoma ITGSIN
    1959 Ole Miss ZAIDE
    1976 Pittsburgh MIDJ
    1970 Stanford BSUGUS
    1997 Tennessee MAERUN
    1982 California CHELT
    1969 Texas RTACE
    1967 UCLA WSATL
    1988 UCLA GQ
    1962 USC YBUE
    1967 USC DTYX
    1974 USC HCOHT
    1988 USC XLL
    Tiburon EAFLOR
    EA Sports TBHOERG

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