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NFL Gameday 97 Playstation Cheat Codes

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    NFL Gameday 97

    NFL Gameday 97
    Easter Egg Screen
    At the Start Game screen, in either Pre-Season or Season Play press L1, R1, L2, R2. This will bring
    you to the easter egg screen where you can enter in the following codes:
    Toast - Beat the cornerbacks off the line
    Tight cover - Better coverage
    Shout - Croud is louder
    Steroids - Increases hitting power
    Torreta - Quarterback throws lob passes
    Stretch - One handed catches if you use L2 and while trying to catch the ball
    Slo mo - Players are slower
    Twister - Strong winds
    Squall - Strong winds and rain
    Pinball - If a runner stiff arms someone, they bounce back 10 yards
    Gd Challenge - Computer is harder
    Idiot - Computer is stupid
    Genius - Computer is really hard
    Pancake - Use the L2 and S buttons and you can tackle in the air
    Fridge - All the players are big
    Loud mouth - The announcer is louder
    Big Girls - Cheerleaders are bigger
    Big Stars - Star players are bigger
    No time - Clock never moves
    Credits - Show credits
    DarkNight - Night is dark
    Blind ref - Less penalties
    Defense - Defense is better
    Electric FB - Play electric football
    Atomic Bomb - Explosive hits
    Mandarich - Defensive line is faster
    Juice - Faster speed bursts
    Doc - Fixes the last Easter Egg problem
    Flea circus - Players are little
    Ice Skates - Plays like Madden 97
    Dempsey - Higher field goals
    Frog - Higher hurdles
    Long jump - Higher jump: Don't use if you put in Hatchet or Frog
    Hang time - Higher punts and kick-offs
    Goliath - Huge players
    Busy ref - More penalties
    Karate - The fore-arm shiver is now a karate chop
    Gloves - Less fumbles
    Butkas - Better linebackers
    Crunchy - Louder hits
    Hatchet - More information
    Brittle - More injuries
    Rejection - Higher jump: Don't use if Hatchet or Frog have been entered
    Infamous pop ups - Adds pop-ups from the last game.
    Offense - Offense is better
    Home cooking - Players are fatter
    Nyse - New York Sack Exchange makes the Jets better
    Joe - QB accuracy is better
    Bazooka - QB's arm strength increases
    Delete all of your eggs. There will be one left. Enter the DOC Easter Egg. Then delete the remaining
    easter egg and then delete the DOC Easter Egg.
    Sayers - Running back is stronger
    Gb speed - Makes the game as fast as Gamebreakers
    Ouch - Stiff arm stronger
    Bo Knows - Extreme shoulder charge
    Blizzard - Stronger winds when it's windy

    NFL Gameday 2000
    Access Cheats:
    Goto the "Options Screen" and select Easter Eggs. You can now enter a code below!
    Extra Difficulty Level:
    Slow CPU:
    Better Receivers:
    Better Running Back:
    Long FGs:
    Long Punts:
    Big Tackles:
    Full Energy:
    All Players Equal:
    Big Stiff Arm:
    Faster Speed Bursts:
    View Cheerleaders(after game):
    Huge Players:
    Tall & Skinny Players:
    Small Players:
    Penalties Off(home team):

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