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NFL Gameday 98 Playstation Cheat Codes

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    NFL Gameday 98

    NFL Gameday 98
    Gameday 98 Easter Egg Cheats
    At Easter Egg Screen:
    Pasword Effect
    New Codes
    Crunch Time louder sounds when you hit some one
    Psychic cpu reads your plays
    Old Codes
    AHAB Players are missing legs
    CLOUD_OF_DUST CPU only calls running plays
    FLAT_LAND Players are flat AIR ATTACK QB throws accurately
    QUIET CROUD Quiet fans
    CPU DEFENCE Better computer defense
    CPU OFFENCE Better computer offense
    BETTIS better ball carier
    BIG FOOT Stronger kicker legs
    BLIND_REF Less penalties
    BUSY_REF More penalties
    COOKIE_CUTTER Players are 2-dimensional
    CREDITS View credits
    CRUNCHY Unknown
    DEEP_GRAY Unknown
    EQUAL_TEAMS Identical teams
    FIRE_DRILL Faster Players
    FLEA_CIRCUS Smaller Players
    GD_CHALLENGE Increased difficulty
    GLOVES Better catches
    HATCHET harder to tackle runner
    HORSEMEN No Heads
    HUMONGOUS Large players
    INVISIBLE Only shadows
    JACK_HAMMER Better stiff arm
    JUICE Very fast players
    LEECH Better DB coverage
    LOOK_MA No hands, no catches
    LOUD_MOUTH Loud Anouncer
    MCMAHON All players are named mcmahon
    NYSE juices swim move
    PSYCHIC Unknown
    REJECTION jump super high
    SHO_OFF when you dive press jump and you'll do a flip and keep running
    STRETCH Unknown
    THIN_AIR High Kicks
    TOAST Easier to burn a DB
    TRICKY CPU Fake feild goals VIRTUAL_POLYGONS Two-dimensional players (flat)
    WATERY_AI Stupid CPU

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