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Speed Power Gunbike Playstation Cheat Codes

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    Speed Power Gunbike

    Speed Power Gunbike
    Shoot Weapon:
    Hold Circle and press Triangle. Move Left or Right to aim, then release Circle button to shoot.
    Activate Shields:
    Hold Circle.
    Power Dash:
    Press Square when in bike or rally mode to morph into robot form. Then, press Down, Up.
    Super Power Dash:
    Achieve a G Power level of one or more. Morph into robot form. Then, press Up(3), Triangle. Hold X to move faster and the D-pad to steer.
    Bonus Weapon:
    Achieve a G Power level of one or more. Press Up, Down, Triangle in bike mode.
    Hold Down and press X.
    Hold Circle and press X.
    Hold Circle and press X to jump, then press and hold X again. Press Up(2), X, then press and hold X again while hovering to move. Press Up or Down when moving to control your direction.

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