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Playstation PS2 Cheat Codes - Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance

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Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance

    Unlock Extreme Mode
    To unlock Extreme Mode, simply beat Gauntlet Mode.

    Unlock Gauntlet Mode
    To unlock Gauntlet mode, complete the game once on any difficulty.

    Quick Level Up
    At the beginning of the game press down and hold R2 L1 Left d-pad triangle and Start to access the cheat menu. Then turn Invincibility on and use Level Warp to transport yourself to "the gauntlet" level. Advance as much as you possibly can without running out of time. This level has pretty good monsters to hack and slash and gain lots of experience and gold. But remember, before you run out of time Level Warp yourself again into the Tavern. Keep transporting between the Tavern and the gauntlet until you reach whatever level you want. Once you gain enough levels you could probably make it all the way to the end where an Iron Golem is waiting for you. If you kill it not only you receive tons of exp's but also you can pick up the Onix Sword for some massive damage.... and if you are running short of gold you can sell this sword for over 98,000 gold pieces. Enjoy.

    Play as Drizzt
    To unlock Drizzt this is what you need to do:

    1- Finish the game.
    2- After the credits you will play an additional level ( the gauntlet ) as Drizzt. DO NOT SAVE during this level.
    3- Once you finish the gauntlet level you will unlock the "extreme" difficulty level.
    4- Beat the game again in "extreme" difficulty.
    5- Import Drizzt into a new game.

    Auto Level up
    Press R2 L1 Left d-pad R3.

    This cheat automatically takes you to level 20, gives you access to all the feats ( depending on the current number of slots available ). It also gives you level one feats on all of your character's class-dependant feats and an additional 75,000 gold pieces.

    Press R2 L1 Left d-pad triangle start.

    This cheat unlocks the invincibility option and the location wrap.

    Cheat Menu
    During gameplay, hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle and press Start.

    Play as Drizzt
    At the Main Menu, hold L1 + R1 and press X + Triangle.

    Hold a 2 Handed Sword with One Hand
    Buy a new 2 handed sword. Click on it 3 or 4 times, then do the same with a shield or another sword.

    Super Character
    During gameplay, hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle and press R3.

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