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Crazy Taxi Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    Crazy Taxi

    Another View: [Submitted by:Alex Davids]
    To get another view of the Crazy Taxi proceedings, begin a game. While the game is in progress press and hold L1 and R1, then press CIRCLE to enter first person driving mode. Press TRIANGLE (while holding L1 and R1) to show things from a wider angle. Press SQUARE (while holding L1 and R1) to see the speedometer.

    Turn Off Arrow:
    To make the arrow that points you to your next destination disappear, hold R1 and press START before you see the character selection screen. "No Arrows" will appear on the screen if entered correctly.

    Turn Off Destination Mark:
    To switch off the glowing square that indicates your destination, press and hold, then press Start before you see the character selection screen. "No Destination" will appear onscreen if done correctly.

    Unlock Another Day:
    To shake things up in the city and play "Another Day," press and hold R1. Keep holding it until you choose a taxi driver. Once you do, you'll see "Another Day" onscreen, indicating correct code entry.

    Unlock Expert Mode: [Submitted by:Alex Davids]
    To unlock the special Expert Mode, press and hold L1 and R1, then press START before you see the character selection screen. "Expert" will appear onscreen if done properly.

    Pedal Bike: [Submitted by:Ross]
    Complete all crazi box modes and unlock a pedal bike.

    Pedal Taxi: [Submitted by:Adam Bernstein]
    When you choose your character press R1, then L1, then R1, then L1. choose your character and you will drive a pedal taxi.

    Game Hint:: [Submitted by:Jeff]
    To get turbo boost press R1 & O two times in a row fast you can do this while you are driving or while you are stopped.

    Special Taxi: [Submitted by:Carl Tanbeg]
    Go to arcade mode pick what time you want
    then during caracter select hold L1+R1 then realese L1 then realese R1 hold L1+R1 again then realese L1 then R1 then press X. This will give you a special taxi o.k

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