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Dr. Muto Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

Other Cheats for Playstation 2 (PS2)

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    Dr. Muto

    Go to the codes screen and enter this phrases to unlock the corresponding cheat

    All Areas Unlocked: BEAMMEUP
    All FMVs Unlocked: HOTTICKET
    All Gadgets Unlocked: TINKERTOY
    All Morphs Unlocked: EUREKA
    Don't Take Damage: CHEATERBOY
    Invincibility: NECROSCI
    Secret Morphs Unlocked: LOGGLOGG
    Super Ending: BUZZOFF

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Todays Hot Cheat - Duke Nukem

Cheat Menu On the Title Screen, press Left, Left, L Button, L Button, Right, Right, Left, Left.
All Items
On the Title screen, press R Button, Right C, Right, L Button, Left C, Left, Right C, Right.
No Monsters
This code turns the monsters on or off in the Levels. To access this code, first enter the Cheat Menu code. Stay on the Title screen, and press the L Button, Left C, Left, R Button, Right C, Right, Left, Left.
This code only lets you die if you are severly injured. To enter the code, first enter the Cheat Menu code. Stay on the Title screen and press the R Button 7 times, then Left on the Control Pad.

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