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Playstation PS2 Cheat Codes - Escape from Monkey Island

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Escape from Monkey Island Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    Escape from Monkey Island

    Murrayball mini-game:
    Go to the Palace Of Prostheses, use the filing system, and enter "Monkey-Pumpkin-Bunny" as a code to get the Ryan J. Danzwithwolves file. Look at the file, pause game play, then select the "Bonus stuff" option to access Murrayball. Note: This must be done before looking for the No-Nosed Man.

    Monkey Invaders mini-game:
    Successfully complete the entire Monkey Kombat table for each Monkey Stance.

    Hidden sequence:
    Successfully complete the game and wait until all the credits complete to see an epilogue sequence.

    Reveal Monkey Kombat moves:
    Hold R2 during Monkey Kombat to display the moves that can be used.

    Hint: Monkey Kombat moves:
    While you are on Monkey Island, you have to fight a monkey using Monkey Kombat to get his Bronze Hat. These are the moves you can use and how to use them, as well as which move to use. Note: AA: Anxious Ape; BB: Bobbing Baboon; CC: Charging Chimp; DM: Drunken Monkey; GG: Gimpy Gibbon.

    How to do a move
    AA to BB or BB to AA: Ack, Chee, Eek
    BB to DM or DM to BB: Oop, Eek, Ack
    CC to BB or BB to CC: Oop, Ack, Eek
    CC to GG or GG to CC: Ack, Oop, Chee
    CC to AA or AA to CC: Ack, Chee, Oop
    DM to AA or AA to DM: Eek, Ack, Oop
    GG to AA or AA to GG: Ack, Oop, Eek
    Which move beats another move
    AA beats BB
    AA beats GG
    BB beats CC
    BB beats GG
    CC beats AA
    DM beats AA
    GG beats CC
    GG beats DM

    Hint: Frankenstein:
    When on Lucre Island go to the Prostheses Shop and talk to Deadeye Dave. Ask for free prostheses and get the head, foot, heart, guts, liver, bum, and stomach. Put it together on the items page to get Frankenstein.

    Hint: Starting the actual game:
    To start the actual game look at the cargo hold grate. Then, kick over the brazier at Guybrush's feet then press Square. Next, toss the hot coal to the loaded cannon.

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