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Playstation PS2 Cheat Codes - Madden Football 2001

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Madden Football 2001 Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    Madden Football 2001

    Touchdown celebrations :
    Enter one of the following codes after scoring a touchdown.

    Hip Thrust: Press L1 + Square.
    Jump Spike: Press L1 + Circle.
    Say a Prayer: Press L1 + Triangle.
    Shoulder Shake: Press L1 + R1.
    Slam Dunk: Press L1 + R2.
    Spike Football: Press L1 + Cross.

    Instant Super Bowl :
    Highlight the Playoff screen. Select your team, but do not hit the Cross button to select them. You must press R1 and Cross simultaneously in order for the code to work and a cheat buzzer to sound off. Instead of waiting for the buzzer to end, you must press R2 and Triangle simultaneously. You will now be transported to the selection screen where you select teams/players/stadium involved in the Super bowl.

    Hint: Madden Cards:
    There are three different value levels of the cards: Gold (4), Silver (2), and Bronze (1). The cards each serve one use, except for stadium cards, team cards, and historical players, which are always active. The other cards are for cheat codes and boosting player attributes. Gold Cards last for one half of a game. Sliver Cards last for one quarter. Bronze cards last for a single play. You earn Madden Cards by purchasing them with Madden Tokens. Madden Tokens are earned by accomplishing certain feats during game play. There are five levels of feats to accomplish, and you get more tokens for the higher difficulty level.

    Madden Card effects :
    John Elway (Card #160):
    John Elway appears in the Free Agent bin.
    5th Down (Card #203):
    You receive an extra down.
    3rd Down (Card #204):
    The CPU only gets three downs.
    Tight Fit (Card #208):
    The uprights are very narrow, creating an impossible kicking situation.
    Da Bomb (Card #209):
    Pumps your quarterback's arm up, granting unlimited pass range.
    Mistake Free (Card #211):
    You cannot fumble or toss an interception.
    Extra Credit (Card #216):
    For every interception you receive three points and every sack is an extra two points.
    Bad Spot (Card #218):
    Ref spots opponent's ball 1 or 2 yards short.
    Toast (Card # 219):
    Boosts your ability to burn DBs.
    Couch Potato (Card #228):
    Opponents will quickly fatigue for the entire game.
    Super Bowl XXXVII Stadium (Card #235):
    Monsters (Card #293):

    Infinite Creation Points :
    Create a player, then go to "Edit Player" at the roster screen. Press Up or Down to choose the player you want to edit. Press Right to get to the speed category. Press Cross, then press Cross again.

    On-Sides Kick :
    To get the ball back each time you score, call for an on-sides kick. Move the arrow all the way to the left as far as it can go. Now just hit the button once, don't hit it a second time. The ball will dribble about 3-4 yards and your team will pick up the ball each time.

    Get the Ball First :
    First, select Exhibition , Season or Franchise modes under the main screen. Then you must press Start at least 10 seconds before the coin toss begins. Now your team will start off with the ball.

    Bonus Team :
    At the team selection Screen, Press Circle once for the 1960-2000 Super bowl teams to be available. Press Circle twice and you should now be able to select the 1975-2000 All-star teams.

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