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Playstation PS2 Cheat Codes - NBA Street

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NBA Street Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    NBA Street

    Cheat Codes
    At the versus screen, press Square, Triangle, Circle, and X to change the icons in that order on the bottom of the screen. The numbers in the following list indicate the number of times each button is pressed. After the icons have been changed, press the D-pad in any direction to enable the code. If you entered the code correctly, you will see the name of the code and hear a sound. For example, to enter 1-2-3-4, press Square, Triangle(2), Circle(3), X(4). Note: More then one code may be activated per game.

    Result Code

    Infinite juice 2-0-3-0
    No juice 1-4-4-3
    Mega dunking 3-0-1-0
    No dunks 3-0-1-2
    More gamebreakers 1-4-3-2
    Less gamebreakers 1-3-4-2
    No gamebreakers 1-4-4-2
    Springtime Joe "The Show" 1-1-0-1
    Summertime Joe "The Show" 1-0-0-1
    Athletic Joe "The Show" 1-2-0-1
    ABA ball 0-1-1-0
    Beach ball 0-1-1-2
    EA Big ball 0-1-4-0
    Medicine ball 0-1-1-3
    NuFX ball 0-1-3-0
    Soccer ball 0-2-1-0
    Volley ball 0-1-1-4
    WNBA ball 0-1-2-0
    Authentic uniforms 0-0-1-1
    Casual uniforms 1-1-0-0
    Explosive rims 1-2-4-0
    Captain quicks 3-0-2-1
    Harder distance shots 2-2-3-0
    Player names 0-1-2-3
    No auto replays 1-2-1-1
    No HUD display 1-4-1-2
    No cheats 1-1-1-1

    [Submitted by:Nemesis]

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