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Prince Of Persia- The Sands Of Time Playstation PSX2 Cheat Codes

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    Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time

    Classic Prince Of Persia mini-game:
    After getting the second sword that can break walls (approximately
    one third of the way through the game after the "Above the Bath's"
    area), you will reach a large location where you must pass through a
    door with Farah and activate a lever to open another door to a
    hallway filled with scarabs. There are three positions to this
    switch (open door into room, open door to hallway with scarabs, and
    open secret door to the classic Prince Of Persia). The switch is
    located at the end of the room, near the save point and near a large
    piece of rubble. There is a wall opposite to that lever that appears
    to be unbreakable, and does not look like other wall areas that can
    be manipulated. When you hit this secret area on the wall, it will
    not spark as expected. After setting the switch to unlock the door
    to the mini-game, keep hitting the non-sparking section of wall
    until it breaks. A message will appear to state that the classic
    Prince Of Persia has now been unlocked.
    Alternately, successfully complete the game.

    Classic Prince Of Persia: Level passwords:

    Jafar battleLRARUC

    Hint: A Prisoner Seeking An Escape: Hangman:
    When you reach the bottom of the chamber in the A Prisoner Seeking
    An Escape level, kill all the sand creatures and then enter the cell
    to the left when looking at the save point. In the left corner of
    the cell is a little joke on the wall. Take a closer look in first
    person view at the drawings you find there. Obviously the prisoners
    where playing hangman here.

    Hint: Tomb doors puzzle:
    Near the end of the game, you are in a tomb with infinite doors. You
    have to find the correct series of doors to progress. Go to the
    landscape view. Always start at the door with the face above it and
    go clockwise. The order is:
    1. Fourth door from the entrance
    2. Seventh door from the entrance
    3. Third door from the entrance
    After you have successfully done this you will be taken to the
    second level of this room. It is almost the same, just with more
    doors. The order is:
    1. Fourth door from the entrance
    2. Ninth door from the entrance
    3. Fifth door from the entrance
    An intermission sequence will then follow.
    In the circular room you find in the tomb, there are doors that you
    must enter in the correct order, or be teleported back to the start.
    One way to make sure you go through the correct door is to listen
    carefully. When you are in front of the next door that you need to
    enter, you will hear the sound of trickling water. This indicates
    that you are standing in front of the correct door. Repeat this
    until you have solved the maze

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